a9m probs now

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by spanktu, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. tweecer Functions tab,

    all the changes I try to make keep reverting back to factory,
    any suggestions???
  2. got help on this,you have to press enter in each box after every change

  3. lol,
    Welcome to CalEdit...

  4. Dude, swap to BE. I used CalEdit for a week and it messed my tune because of the update check box was checked a few times during upload. I almost didn't make it home yesterday.
    I swapped to BE and things are running much nicer...
  5. what does the update box do when checked?

    and also what is BE?

    I have experience with ls1edit and HPtuners so this is a tad foreign to me.

    thanks guys!
  6. In theory the update only box should only update the items that where changed with uploading a new tune. I have read that this can and most of the time will corrupt the tune. It have had that happen to me within the week then read that the program Binary Editor (BE) is a better tuner and works fine with the tweecer. I have use it today and things seem to be working well.
  7. I have not used BE yet, but the guy who developed it also created EA (EecAnalyzer).
    EA is an amazing program, and I am sure BE will be just as good.

    The 'Update Only' check box will be checked by default when a change is made to a tune.
    For what ever reason, this option tends to randomly corrupt the .bin/.ccf file when loading.
    It is really confusing... You open the .ccf file that you are currently running in the car, make a minor change (for example upping the idles speed 50rpm), then the car runs like total crap.

    I thought it would have been fixed with the new software update (a couple of months ago), but I guess this improvement was overlooked.

    Another good program, which is a little better developed, is TunerPro.
    TunerPro can be found on the moates site... Moates.net. TunerPro is free, unless you want to make a 'donation'...
    PCMX can be found for $150, last time I checked the price.

    These 2 programs have been the standard editors for some time now, but BE seems to be taking over a fair portion of the Editor market...

    my random ramblings...
  8. I dont have the rt version of tweecer,will BE still be able to datalog on my model?
  9. I don't believe so...

    But you can always double check with Clint.

    Here is a link to Clints site...

    There is a contact page, which provides an email address...