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  1. what shape and color you need
  2. I will never buy from him, if I needed a part and he had the only one, I would have it CNC'd out of pure platnium before I bought it from him
  3. and he doesnt own a mII????
  4. Oh, he owns (owned) IIs, see him buying complete cars too. Probably the kind of guy to buy an original low mileage King and strip it for parts to sell :damnit:

    Just ranting, don't know him personaly so I can't say if he's a great guy or a dick, but I've lost more than a few auctions to him. I've emailed him right after asking how much he wants to sell the part for now. Never replies, guess he doesn't want me to know his margins :shrug:

    BTW: Anyone know if he ever sells on Ebay and what his "seller ID" is if he does?
  5. ohhhhhhhh
    makes me really want to move ahead with buying the stangs i was lookin at and start a business
  6. I don't know if it was Phil or one of you guys, but someone beat me out of a v8 flywheel for $61.00! Talk about markup potential.

    Does anyone know the fellow from Shell Lake, Wisconsin? I bought a few items from him and have been impressed with the amount of stuff he has. Lots of nos items.
  7. I've met Phill, he seems a decent enough guy.

    Letting a dash pad go for $41? Who do you have to blame for that?

    The wife and I do 'real' auctions. Wifes a reseller, I'm an end user.

    End users tend to bid higher as if they really need something they'll have to pay the reseller double later. It's in our best interest to run the bid.

    In a real auction when I've seen someone I think will be competition I've been known to run the bid. Just to take money out of my competitions pocket so they won't have the money when we get to something I really want.

    Other times I've run the bid just to keep someone from getting something for free. I told them to. Sometimes after the bid, sometimes during.

    I've also bid way more than I wanted just to keep something from someone elses possession. I've done this for numerous reasons. Last time was a Rockwell tablesaw/ joiner combo. Earlier I heard the competition say 'a little navel gelly would clean that rust right up'. I couldn't let them get it.

    This dash pad?? Went for nothing. If you knew about this before auctions end you let it go for 'free'. No one to blame but yourself.
  8. No Siht!!

    Just looked what phil is active on, that could be a reference.
  9. I bought my II from Phil. Seemed like a nice guy, but there were a few things wrong with the car.
  10. This dash pad was $40 "buy it now" and was bought within 5 hours of posting. Probably only seen 3 hours of search time if that. So, unless you are on ebay 24 hours a day, it would have been nearly impossible to have got this. Blame is really on the seller.

    The guy buying this stuff just to sell it has an unfair advantage because he can justify sitting on ebay all day. On the other hand, A person trying to fix a car up still has to go to work. Thats why it is upsetting.
  11. Geez, now I hope he doesn't buy the bell (housing) I have listed. Oh, well. As long as it eventually gets to someone who needs it...
  12. too bad itll be at triple the price
  13. I guess my biggest beef is that he is MUCH better at Ebay than I am :rolleyes:
  14. Damn...

    I went back over all the ebay auctions I've been out-bid on (that are still in "myEbay") and he's been one of the ones who's out-bid me almost EVERY damn time! :bang:

    When it's one of you guys, I have no problem with it, yall usually need the parts as bad or even more than me, but people like him??? :mad:
  15. I guess you weren't observant enough to notice it ended with buy it now, and phil found it real quick. :rolleyes:
  16. Exactly what he said. I guess someone DID catch on.
  17. That is usually my home page. Only thing is Phil snipes most auctions, so by the time you see it on there, it's over already.
  18. Triple the price, lol. I saw him bid a red pad up to almost 300 dollars. I bet he asks 500 for them :notnice: