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  1. :jaw: How much for a dash pad?! Holy man. And I thought parts for my 73 were expensive!!! Yikes...
  2. High price II

    Yeah Phil confided in me that he has a helper
    watch the auctions with the hopes of picking up
    the II deals.
  3. well, I have had one conversation with him, and it gave me a bad taste, first impressions are a ****
  4. sux to be him because i have access to quite a few mustangs if i really need to get them. id be willing to break even on the money just to make sure he feels the crunch a little
  5. well guys, from one ebayer to another, yea Phil and I and Tim and a few others on here sat around the campfire last Carlisle on the campgrounds. Boy did we find out some $%## information! He has the parts when you need them, yes I have purchased stuff from him myself.....but BOY did I bend over baby! :( nevertheless, i wait to bid on many ebay items now because I found out first hand from a close informant that i was being watched by him as to what i had bids on before they went off, then he tried to snipe me. So I avoid that now as best I can. here is a story for you, Tim on here asked while we were drinking a good bit at the campfire how much an NOS wiper switch from Phil would be for MY car, Phil said around 120.00. Tim then turned to me and said geez Jon, you got a pretty good deal for buying an NOS one today for 15.00. DAM, Tim, I still will never forget that, you got ba**s of brass. :jaw:
  6. like I said earlier

    It might be cheaper my way
  7. Why should I pull punches or mix words? Ask him straight out, get a straight out answer. I wouldn't buy anything from him because I know he probably marked it up 100-150%! I'm on a tight budget I can't afford his BS. I talked to him a couple of years ago at Carlisle and asked him about door weather striping,(this was before I knew of his rep.) Yeah he had them NOS 250$ a door. I said, "no that's OK, the doors will whistle in the wind" and walked away. He crazy! He is a nice guy to talk to and,and he knows II's or seems to, but he'll surely smile and take your $ if you're willing to give it to him. I like to make and keep friends. I personally would feel guility charging the prices he does for parts. I'm happy if I can help a person out. I'm not against making a buck, he has that right but I can't see biting off the hand that is giving you the $ as well.

    To each his own..........

  8. yea, heard that!
  9. I'm slowly getting all the NOS parts i need. I still need a new door seal on the drivers side, and i'd pay 250 for it if i had to. The repo ones from rebel don't work too well. I try to find most on ebay, but i'll buy from phil if i have to. This is most likely the only II i'll ever build, so once i get the part i need, i hope i don't have the need again. 120 for a wiper switch??? lol, i guess the ones he got for 2 bucks will make him some money!!
  10. :notnice: I have had some II stuff at the spring swap in Columbus and he always tries to steal the stuff or lowball you on the price and when you go by his spot ( Its usually in the sheep barn in the front corner ) he has some of the same stuff for 3 to 4 times what he wanted to give you for it .. I can't fault him for trying to make a profit but fair is fair !! :nonono:
  11. All I can tell you is this... He's a quite a bit older than I am, and he's gonna drop dead before I do, so I'm gonna sit it out and buy his estate of MII junk for dirt cheap when he meets his maker.... meanwhile the junks gonna sit in the corner while i build my up and comming '23 Model T. :nice:

  12. LMAO!

    Lung cheese on the monitor.

    I know people coming to the auction my wifes going to have if I croak before her.
  13. lol I thought you like that... It's a sad reality but that's the way it seems to be going. I realized this when, the past few months (you may have noticed I wasn't on here much) I was touring the street rod world. My old man picked up a '48 Ford Coupe and we've been palin with that. Anyhow, I realized that, wow, all of a sudden, Model T, and Model A parts are starting to get alot cheaper as with 46-48's too. Looking over the auctions on e-bay alot of them start out as "Cleaning out my dad's ,Grandpa's, uncle's, etc.. garage of 50 years worth of antique Ford parts" or " here is a.. I think a Model A part .. or a Model T part, I'm not really sure I had found in my dad garage who has passed away... "

    All I can say is..... FLOOD THAT MARKET DAMMIT!! :D
    In the comming years I suspect completed car prices will rise a bit but part prices will stay stable and in relation with the supply level. But the demand for decent mechanics to keep these ancient beasts running might be scarce in the comming years, mainly because of how they train the 'new' mechanics these days. The next 20 years will be interesting for the car hobby...would be neat to see the value of the II climb above the 60's stangs... and I bet it will ...or come damn close.
  14. I just might have open up a carb shop in 15 years seeing as no one from my generation knows anything about them. $50 an hour to tune carbs. That would be nice.
  15. Well, he didn't get my bellhousing. Somebody got a good deal at $35 & shipping, I hope it was someone who needed it for thier II. I don't understand why the aftermarket hasn't caught on and started making II parts repro :shrug: I give ya'll a lot of credit for restoring these cars though.... (when I finally get mine, I'm gonna make double dam sure it's all there in good shape, lol)
  16. My feeling is this is simply due to the economics of supply vs demand, but not necessarily because of Ebay flooding the market. As I see it, the number of people restoring A's and T's to stock is dwindling now faster than ever, because that generation of enthusiasts is basically well into their 70's at this point in time, and shrinking as a group everyday. Most remaining unrestored cars of that vintage are now probably almost beyond saving too, while many of the restored ones have already been completed many years ago. Additionally, the fact that rodders don't require most original drivetrain or even body parts, only makes lots of these old bins of parts even less needed or valuable now. I would expect a similar noticeable downward trend in pricing for parts of the 50's era cars, within the next ten years, as this owner group ages accordingly, and demand drops.

    As for II parts...there was never an abundant supply to begin with, the used cars were also recycled much sooner than most Model A's and T's, yet the core group of owners is almost miniscule. Both the market demand and supply of II parts are quite small in comparison to most other cars. There simply aren't many people with garages of old II parts to be found, whereas old car parts tended to be saved by the generation of people that seldom threw things away.
    I see II parts going up in value for at least a few more years, but leveling off or possibly even reversing just a bit if the value of the cars does not increase significantly, and/or demand lessens. Seems being a buyer or seller of II parts will always be like playing the stock market...a crapshoot.
  17. too bad all the hot rodders always swipe out the suspension from under the cars. youd think theyd be a little bit more original. ive always wanted a II and ill always keep my II now that ive got one
  18. I can't stand it anymore. I had to sign up for this forum after hearing this. I live right down the street from Phil. He's everywhere in the country. He goes everywhere getting mustang II's. It's clear to me he's in it for the money and has no other interest in the cars. Knowledgable? Yes he is. But watch your wallets.
  19. After reading these posts, and knowing Phil the way I do I can only add this. You can but from Phil, and he may kill you on mark up, and you can curse the ground he walks on, bottom line...He has it when you need it. Have any of you dealt with Gary of Second Generation Mustangs? He has the NOS parts you need, BUT he won't sell them. I called him looking for a light socket awhile back and had to kiss his a$$ to get one, and the one he tried selling me was junk. I asked for an NOS socket and he said he couldn't sell one to me, he may need it for his car. I had a friend who needed a grill, Gary charged him $300 for an NOS grill. I wonder if some of you aren't mistaking Gary for Phil.
  20. Anyone who's trying to make a huge profit off of Mustang II stuff is a jackass, imo.

    I'll do what 77sleeper is planning on, no way I'll support them. If we were able to get everyone to do the same, guess who gets no business.