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  1. i got 2 questions about the radio. first i have the regular cd player. i want to switch to the 6 disc cd/mp3 player. is that a direct connect? also how you you get the radio out so i can do this?
  2. do a search on the radio, its been brought up before. you have to remove the console and the trim around the radio to get it out, real pain. i dont know for sure if it is a direct connection from the old to new radio, but i dont see why not....my wifes escape had a single disc cd, but the salesman said 6 disc. the dealer had to put in a 6 disc after the fact to please her....mustang should be the same i would think.
  3. i did a search the results were of problems with stock radios and people wanting to get rid of stock radios. not anywhere near what i need to know. anyone got any more details how to get the radio out?
  4. Wouldn't you need to take that to a dealership to swap out the basic radio for the Shaker 500 radio? I thought you had to download the information you have on your radio to upload onto the new one. I think they say this in the TSB where you swap your Shaker 500 for another one. I don't know if it would work due to the stupid radio is plugged into the car's computer. But then again, I don't know much haha.
  5. no you dont have to have the dealer install it.
    I swapped out the stock cd player in both my 05s with shaker headunits.
  6. when i get back tonight i can email you all of the service manual to remove it. i tried to post but the pdfs were to large! also you have to reflase the moduel when you change the radio if you are upgrading to the shaker
  7. ok matt i sent them
  8. thanks dude. ill download it now.
  9. what moduel do you have to re-flash????
  10. before you remove the radio you have to download the info from it with the WDS then you upload to the new radio after install. example anyone that has had the shaker replaced may remember that some people were complaining about the light not dimming on the lcd. that is because they didnt use the proper procedure to replace it. that is why they came out with an updated tsb for the shaker replacment. some of the wds unit were not finding the new shaker ( it happend with mine) they needed to download a new update on the WDS and that solved the prob. the radio will work without the reflash just some features may not work.
  11. so theres no point to buy it. if i do ill end up having to take it to the dealer to get it put in then theyll charge me a crazy ass fee. cuz i have no idea what a wds even is.
  12. so why not just put in a reg radio ? lots of people seam to be doing it.
  13. hmm thats hella-strange, I havent had any features not work on the two shakers that I installed.
    RDS works, Text works, Compress works, Profiles work..is there anything I am missing?
  14. i just would rather have a stock radio that fits perfect with all the feayures i need, simple plug and play. i like the way the interior looks as id and dont want a reg radio and a big ass space under it. i have no need for that anyway.
  15. well kev if you noticed i said may not work. the bigest problem when alot of people were replaceing the shaker was that the light would not dim on the radio when you turned on the headlights. this happend to me. also the radio would give an error in test mode but yes all other featues worked on mine i even drove to arizona and back. and as soon as they updated the WDS ( the computer unit that the techs update the moduels do diognostics with) the light thing didnt realy bother me but hey its suppose to work. so yea matt if you want to change it it should work but i just wanted to let you know all of the posibilities. also i just noticed kev has done this so he would be the guy. kev does your light dim when you turn on the head lights? not a big deal but hey
  16. exactly my reasoning for getting the Shakers.

    the lights dim and I havent recieved an error in test mode.
  17. afixer I was just wondering you have the upgraded cluster, do you also have my color??
    I wonder if that has something to do with having the computer reset????
  18. Kevin,
    I dont think my color would have anything to do with it. I dont have my color and when my shaker was replaced, the techs did not "flash" it and the light on the stereo would not come on when I turned my headlights on. I also noticed that the speed volume thing did not work until it was flashed. However, once they did flash it, all was good!