About the changes.

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  1. Are you sure you want "Your Senior Pictures Are In" as a custom title?
  2. I'm desperate....i'll take anything :D

    ...but...i was thinking more along the lines of "the most beautiful boogie man" :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  3. That's sad.

    You know what's even sadder, this sticky. It's got to go.
  4. Now move this to talk. It is getting in the way of me reading x vs. h pipe threads, 4.10 vs 3.73 threads, aode -t5 swap threads, and the ever important, tri-ax vs. pro50 shifter threads.


  5. I moved the thread into the wrong place, sorry. This was suppose to go into 94-95 talk. I'm not a mod in here so I can't move it there.

    Any mods reading please move it to 94-95 talk please.
  6. damn joe...they really put it too you...why does that one douchebag guy get to be a moderator? WTF was he complaining about anyway...he never even posted, never contributed to our forum. Theres tons more people whove contributed a lot to the old 94-95 Specific that might deserve moderator status.
  7. ya, i've never even seen that guy on here before :nonono:
    he "claims" he always reads stuff but just doesn't post :rolleyes:
  8. Wonder what would happen if everyone just used the talk section to post tech and did not use the tech section? HMMMM. And why do we still have this stupid smily if we can't use it? :OT: :OT: :OT: :OT:

  9. They even said in 5.0 Mag this month that the 94/95 was the bastard stepchild of the 5.0's :fuss: :fuss: :fuss:

    I like the fact that there is now a 94/95 Tech and Talk. It really was not fair to have a 5.0 tech, a 5.0 talk, and one 94/95 tech.
  10. hmmm. "If you dont like it -- go somewhere else" I think that is what Raburn is telling us... :notnice:

  11. I personally don't care who you are, who you think you are, or how long you have been here and how much you do or do not contribute to these forums.

    I also do not care how long someone has been a mod, how often they post in a particular forum, or if they are buddies with everyone.

    If I ever see you post another attack on the staff of this site, it will be your last.
  12. wow, matthiasj you really hit a nerve with that one!!:nice:
  13. Wouldn't it be easier to just shut your site down that to run everyone off?