? about the SVT version... (availability)

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  1. I hope this question hasn't been asked a million times before....

    Will the 2007 SVT version be avaialble in 2006?

    I was planning to get an '06 in '05... but if the SVT will be on sale (or at least if I can put a deposit on one) in '06, I think I'll wait.

    Thanks in advane guys.
  2. it will be available around the fall of 2006.
  3. Thank you. Much obliged. :)

    I guess I'll be making a deposit in late 2005 & order it early.

    In the meantime, I'll continue to lurk & learn.
  4. They start building them around June of 06 is what I heard. Possibly, you could get it in late July or August. We can only hope.
  5. Yes. This may be a little nuts, but I plan on putting an order & deposit down on the SVT in the latter half of '05. Heck, pricing may not even be out for it at that point, but there are few cars that I've ever felt such an affinity for... without even having driven one yet! Don't get me wrong, I'll be test driving the GT as soon as I can just to make sure she'll drive the way I imagine she would. But I've let one "dream car" pass me by once. It won't happen again :)
  6. Is the SVT version really going to be that gutted Cobra? No top, no windows, no nothing except what makes it go forwards and backwards?
  7. No, that is a concept and that isnt even a mustang. Its a Shelby Cobra
  8. Besides, typically when Ford makes a gutted mustang, such as the Cobra-R, they are intended for racing only. They only have the bare essentials to be road worthy and race worthy. The regular Cobras (SVT), although designed and built for performance, have all the amenities or more that a GT. Sort of like a luxury racing car if you will. The Cobra-R is the gutted SVT and they tend to be very very limited, maybe 500 or so, and a bit pricey. I personally wouldn't buy one unless there was a track real close to me.

    So, no, that definately won't be the stanndard SVT offering.