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  1. Hi, I'm in need of some tires pretty soon. I really like the look of the p7000 pirelli, so I noticed the p7000 supersport. It has the same cool tread design, is quite a bit cheaper, but some say the supersports have tons of road noise and not very good traction. I live in AZ, so I don't need snow tires, but would still like decent summer traction, just curious if anyone has tried the supersports? Thanks, Shane
  2. I'll have to look at which one I have but they are p7000.
    They are very sticky in the turns and a very loud, especially when
  3. I have the Pzero Rosso on mine and they stick great, but they are also loud when braking. I have 265 on the front and 295 on the rear.
  4. Wayne
    They are loud because the front tires are cupped. Look at the inside edge of the front tires. This is a common problem with Saleens.
  5. The reason they cup is because they are toed like that for handling
    purposes. These cars are not made to be daily drivers.
    You can get CC plates and that will help some.
  6. They are brand new with just around 1000 miles on them. I don't see how they would be "cupped" unless they are over inflated.

    03-s281, I might look into getting some cc plates. Have to wait for the weather to break though before I take it back out onto the street.. :(
  7. Wayne
    I found them to be better tires then PZero yellows. They made less noise then the original PZero tires and were smoother. They cup because of the toe you are correct. I think you have somthing else wrong with your car if the tires have only 1000 miles on them.
  8. I disagree with the comment that the Saleen can not be used as a daily driver.

    Mine have 90,000 miles, @170,000 miles, and @35,000 miles on them, and one gets driven every day of the year.

    The Rosso is not a bad tire, but does offer quite a bit less grip in the dry vs. the "Yellows". In exchange, they are a harder tire that will last longer, and the tread design is better for wet use. Being a harder compound than the yellows, they will be a louder tire.

    Cupping the tire will make them louder.

    Are those the same tires that were on the car when you were driving it at the autoX last September?
    Are those the OE tires that were on it when it was a Saleen Demo car?

    If yes, don't you think those things played a part in some cupping of the front tires, thus resulting in even more than normal road noise from the tires?

    My Rosso fronts have @12,000 miles on them, look new, and are no louder than they were on day 1. I also check my alignment and tire pressures regularly.
  11. Hey Mike, just because your white speedster does double duty as a snow plow
    in the winter, that doesn't mean the rest of us have to follow :rlaugh:

    Then again, I guess those carbon fiber splitters help your car ride up and
    over the snow banks :rlaugh:

    Back to the topic at hand... I've really like the BFG T/A KD's on my 99, but
    I also don't drive it in the crummy weather. I've had the car out in the rain
    several times and I'm amazed at the grip they have for a dry traction tire.

    The P-zero's on my car were shot when I got it with 11K on the clock, the
    front inner edges were toast. New tires and a set of MM CC plates took
    car of that problem.
  12. Yes, they are the same ones that were on the car in California. They were loud during braking even before the SOEC Driving Event. They are a different model then what was on it when Billy drove the car. He put these on because he said that they are better then the PZero's that were on it. I just thought that since the Rosso's are a harder compound, that they would be louder so, didn't think too much of it. But then again, I am planning on getting an alignment before driving it down to the 40th Show in April.
  13. tires

    Where is the guy with these wheels?
  14. I too drive my car every day, and it does fine. Mine even has coil-overs all the way around and it still rides and drives well. The original alignment from saleen was very poor and the insides of the tires wore out in 14,000 miles. After CC plates and a good alignment, I have even tire wear.