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  1. Hey guys, I am about to buy a vortech supercharger kit for my 97 cobra. I feel confident that I can install it with no problems however just wanted to see if anyone who has done it before had any tips or tricks to make the install go easier. also and suggestions as to anything else i would need for the install that isn't included in the kit. If anyone has a link to a step-by-step that would be awesome too. thanks guys!
  2. BTW its a 97 Cobra with Bassani catless X pipe and SLP LM1 catback. other than that pretty stock.
  3. From my vast base of knowledge (not really), make sure you have an adequate fuel system and a killer tune.

    Which set-up are you going with?
    Will you have an intercooler?
    How many miles of the Cobra?
  4. I'm actually leaning more towards the ProCharger P-1 intercooled setup now. The car has 97,000 miles on it
  5. With my 00 GT a long time ago I went with the p1sc procharger intercooler setup it made good power at 11 psi 440rwhp and then blew it up cause of stock internals I really did like procharger

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  6. I was only looking to run about 8psi max so hopefully I won't have any trouble with the motor.
  7. You really shouldnt on 8 psi that's what procharger recommended for me 8 but I put 11psi on it lol
  8. sorry messed up the last post u should be safe on 8psi procharger told me to run 8psi and I put 11 on it lolol
  9. We just put the Vortech Sci approx 10 lbs boost on a 97 Cobra, the install was done by my stepson who is Ford mech and to say the least, the instructions are pretty lacking. But we got it installed and put in 52lb. injectors. Took short easy drive then took to tuner for tune. After second pull on the dyno we heard nose and found that cyc 7 had blown the rings, so limped the drive home. Big dang-it. We pulled the engine out in the driveway, not to bad but getting the engine to seperate from the tranny was really rough, they just wouldn't seperate. But anyway now the engine is in the shop getting 20 over bore and stroked with forged parts from MMR. Now the engine does have 118,000 miles on the engine so we kind of expected but not while it was on the dyno.
  10. If your going to do this work to your car I would recomend pulling the oil pan and changing out the bearings to something newer. The 96 to 99 cobra engines have crappy bearings they tend to go bad between 80,000 and 100,000 miles. Im in the middle of putting in a new engine in my cobra with the same problem.