About To Give Up.

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  1. Iv been working at getting this one fuel line off of the old pump for 2 hours and it's not coming off. I bought the crap plastic fuel line removal tool and it's the only one that has 3 retainers instead of 2. Is there and easier way to get this joke of a system apart. It's getting to the point where it's more effort then it worth to me.

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  2. One of the scissor-type disconnect tools may be easier to use.

    Also, if you can see it, check to see if one of the tabs is bent inside the line. I fought this very line on my car a couple weeks ago for over an hour. Got way more than mad at it. Looked at the tabs, and one of them was bent towards the inside, and pressing the disconnect tool was only pushing it farther. So I took a small screwdriver, bent it back out like it's supposed to be, and voila. Came off in 10 seconds.
  3. Got a different puller tool and it came off really easy. Got those from auto zone for $17. Good thick plastic but should last threw quite a few jobs. Both work on Ford and GM.

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  4. I had a problem getting one off some time ago. Turns out that one of the three lips on the inside was broken. If that happened to you then you are SOL my friend.
  5. I ended up with one broken line. I have a repair kit coming along with the clips that go in the connector. Napa sells them.
  6. Just takes some persistence. I can't tell you haw many times those things have frustrated me to take a break then it pops off at the 1st attempt when I come back.
  7. It was frustrating for sure. I did end up getting it off. Everything is back together and the car stats again. I have to burp the coolant system since i replaced the thermostat while I had everything lifted up. I didn't know it was such a process to fill coolant in these cars.
  8. Yeah...best to refill from the thermostat housing. Most of the air is burped that way.