About to go nuts!

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  1. I have had my gears and tlock forever now. I got it fixed like a month ago, but cant put it in, because I want to also want a chip to go in at the same time! I just quit my job, I am going to have to wait for Christmas money. Patience is a virtue I guess :p
  2. Christmas money was the best but once i got out of highschool, ive gotten less and less every year.

    And about the chip, just get a speedcal and get a chip later. youll just end of having to reburn it when you get more stuff.
  3. how hard install is speedcal? cost?
  4. hey buddy, if you want to hold off on the speedcal, just figure out how much your speedo is off and go w/o for a while. I'd offer to help you install it, but i've never cracked open a rear end before, so i think you'd have one up on me there.

    I just got my new wheels/tires today, i'm gonna go out with my GPS and check to see if my speedo is off at all, i can let you use mine to figure out how much your are off. Come by and meet me at Dutch Square mall one day and i'll let you borrow it. (let me know first, as i don't always have it with me.)
  5. GPS stands for?

    But yeah I will come by one day. Thanks appreciate it
  6. Global Positioning System. it's a little device that tracks your position on the earth. we sell them at West marine. It can tell you your speed with "real" accuracy, often times more accurate than your own speedometer.