About to hit the 70,000 mark...

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  1. My car is getting old. In january it turns 7. Its all grown up now. Oh what should I do? I recently threw a bottle of restore in the oil in hopes to keep her alive for a lot longer. Then again, the other day I was going to fast and I made the tranny dipstick blow of of its holder and fluid went everywhere...I'm guessing thats because of overheating? I was on a top speed run but my car just started shaking starting at 95 and was tremendous at 120. I really need an aluminum driveshaft. Luckily this time the tail shaft seal held up. I guess my tranny needed to vent the preassure somewhere and since it couldn't do it out the back like before, it went out the dipstick... :D
  2. 7 years, 70,000 miles...old? Dude, my sixer is going to be 9 yearsold in January and has 100,000 miles...running really strong for so many miles, its pretty impressive. Just take care of it and it will last as long as you make it last.
  3. My V6 just hit the 70,000 mile mark. Im going to put some Max Life in her from now on. Can our chassis be lubed anywhere by any chance?
  4. I know a guy who owned a 1992 4 cylinder Mustang 5 speed and he drove it until it had over 365,000 miles on it with the SAME engine and transmission. That's right! This car still had its original engine and transmission in it and it was running fine, but the engine was burning some oil due to the high mileage on it. The car also had some rust on the lower door panels and on the lower front and rear quarter panels. Other than that, the car was running fine. The owner ended up trading it in for a Honda SUV.
  5. what did he get for the trade in? 20 bucks and lunch at dennys?
  6. He actually got $1,000 dollars for his trade. That's not bad considering the car had 368,000 miles on it.
  7. my car is turning 10 and has just under 80..beat that scott! hmm eer yeah...but my 93 is a year older and has 50k more miles (~135k)
  8. 6 Years old, 140,000 miles, 3 wrecks, 2 of em mine, and it still runs strong, just a timing cover gasket issue, getting fixed as we speak.

    Wayne :hail2:
  9. 11 years old, 153,000 miles. :D Gotta swap out the auto for a T5 to keep the tranny alive, though - this weekend, yay!

  10. Seems thre is more wrong with my car then I know about. My mechanic is trying to get me to do a tranny service. I just had one done like a year ago! He said its leaking from the (tranny)oil pan.. :bang: Honestly, no more top speed runs for me till I either get my driveshaft rebalanced or get an aluminum one...the whole car shakes above 3000 rpms in overdrive ...this is ****ing me off.... :mad:
  11. 39 years old, 230,000 miles, runs when it feels like it.:D :p
  12. Which Mustang has 230,000 miles? Your 2001 or the 65?
  13. This is the time to use ur deductive reasoning skills...:nonono:
  14. about to hit 70K?? Honey, I've got a 2001 and have already hit 77K!
  15. :rlaugh: :lol: