About to post a Question? SEARCH the threads first!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by JadeFalcon, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Dont make me come out there and find you Anthony! :fuss: :chair:

    Seriously, LI has a lot of great stang people.. but there are also some idiots.. just like anywhere.. the key is to find those that are knowledgeable and don't have the attitude.. there are more than you might think.

    Ive been lucky to have found more of the latter.
  2. stangnets cool ,but the search sucks you never get what your looking for especially if you dont use enough letters :rolleyes: other then that what do you expect, the same members only coming on here that know all the answers already?if im new and just bought a mustang and ask questions that i dont have an answer too,im hoping for an answer not someone telling me its been answered a million times do a search,fix the search or keep aswering the same questions.
  3. I think that one of the reasons also is that when a "newb" comes on here and signs up hes all excited to start posting or replying to threads. They just want to jump right in and make a post and sit back and see that............wow people are replying to my post. I think some of us that are experts or have the basic knowledge are more apt to use the search in order to find a quick question on something that we dont have to wait for w/ a response from someone else.
  4. The point I was really trying to make with this sticky was I wanted people to find answers to their questions as quickly as possible. I know when you come in from outside after banging wrenches for hours trying to figure something out, it would be nice to search and find exactly what you need and go right back out there as quick as possible. That was my intention.
  5. Maybe there should be more Fact sheets like what Vib made over for the 94-95 section. Has all the flow #'s for Intakes, how loud each cab back syetem is, air flow #'s for mass air meters. I think if something like that was made here for tech then it might be very useful for any quick questions that someone has. IE....whats louder 2 chamber flowmasters or a Mac cat back?. With a fact sheet you could easly look that question up.
  6. I agree with Striped 5.0. It appears that even with good intentions, there is not one single Mustang site with a definitive list of the most commonly asked asked questions and the corresponding answers. I mean, for myself, I've been around here long enough and have read enough posts where I know all the basics, and then some. I tend to post questions these days for something specific, like how do I track down an electrical problem. i was under the impression that a FAQ section was being built on this site, but it asn't seemed to take off. But I do believe that there is enough good knowledge here to build a comprehensive FAQ, no doubt.
  7. Black Sun: there certainly is. And it would be a great idea. but somehow I don't think that will detract people from posting the same old questions... instead of saying "try a search" people will be saying "try the FAQ" and the same things will happen... People need to accept responsibility to research things before asking for help. Whether it is the FAQ, the search feature, or just a general search on a search engine, there will always be people who are too lazy, or perhaps not savvy enough, to take the time to try themselves before asking for help.



  8. Thats true, its a hard thing to stop. Like I said a Fact sheet w/ common questions and answers would be good it wont stop all the repeated posts of whats better between a Tri Ax and a Pro 5.0. Alot of people dont come on here looking for a F&Q section or w/ the intent to use the search function
  9. True..

    But despite that.. I think an FAQ would be great to those who would take advantage of it.
  10. I'm kinda with NOHATCH'91 on this one.

    I've experienced the other end from what you're saying. I'm not a cobra owner, I went to the SVT forum and asked a question about one. "Some" (note I said "some"tThe guys in there were really being a REAL PIA.
  11. Yes search does help many times.
    But! new products and ways on doing things change daily.
    Searching is not always the best way to get the most up-to-date information.
    Nuff Said.
  12. Maybe if the posts could be categorized further. Like drivetrain, electrical, chassis, etc. It might make people see similar posts easier without even searching much. Just an idea.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how you're supposed to use the search feature when that ad banner blocks you from typing anything in :scratch:

    edit: I see you can use "search this forum" without that problem, but the other one up top next to "galleries" & "new posts" might be confusing to some people considering it's the one you see first.
  14. I think it's just you- that search popup covers the banner add on mine :shrug:
  15. Yeah, it works fine on my computer at home..don't know, I guess my work computer just sucks :rolleyes:
  16. problem is that alot of times you have a specific problem with your car and alot of other people have a similar problem, but maybe not exactly the same.
  17. I hate when the banner covers it up....It's the one I always end up trying to use. :doh:
  18. Sorry guys! I went typing away before i spent time studying the form! I should have thought first! I was just excited to have my first stang!!!!
  19. A few of my faves are the H vs X, TB 65 vs 70 , Pro-M vs C&L and TFS TW vs AFR :D
  20. Mine too. Unlike some less patient people in here, I never get tired of seeing them.