About to post a Question? SEARCH the threads first!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by JadeFalcon, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. i like using the search feature and i use it alot but sometimes u just cant find what u are looking for or if u find something pertaining to it then it dont fully answer ur question.
  2. You know, some people should be ashamed of themselves for jumping on people for asking stupid questions. Im sorry some of you were born with all the knowledge you would ever need about Mustangs and cars in general. But alot of the guys on here don't have someone close to them to ask these questions. Like alot of the veteran guys usually grew up around cars and seeing them worked on and having a dad that showed them how to do things. Then there are the guys that never had anyone to show them anything and ask a simple question and three people jump their **** about asking it, i mean hell i'd be a little discouraged to ask any other questions. I was lucky enough to have a dad that basically forced me to watch him and help him work on his cars and trucks, hell at the time i hated it, i was nine and all my friends were riding their bikes while i was changing oil, of course i hated it. But now im glad i had my dad there to do that. Just my two cents...:SNSign:
  3. It isn't about people asking "stupid questions". It's about people asking "stupid questions" without using the SEARCH first. Most of the time, a "stupid question" can be answered with a little homework with the search function. In the event that it isn't, feel free to ask away. And get ready to have your balls busted a little, because there are over 80,000 guys in here and that's what most guys do when someone asks a "stupid question". It isn't anything personnal or malicious, or even that the vets are really tired of answering stupid questions- it's just life in the real world. Anyone who can't handle it needs to join the kiddie forum.

    If you use the SEARCH and don't find the answer you need, say so in your post. There are always a few jerks in every bunch, but I'd like to think that most of us in this community are pretty good folks. I, for one, don't care how often I answer the same questions. If I minded, I'd leave...?
  4. NOID light

    theorectically, couldn't you use just a standard test light, and find a way to hook it into the two female ends in the injector harness? wouldn't it be doing essentially the same thing?
  5. sorry wrong thread lol
  6. I don't see a problem with posting a question that is often asked. If no one wants to answer, then don't. It's that simple. If the person posting the question doesn't get an answer, then maybe he will learn to search. I agree with other posts here that Stangnet wouldn't be as good as it is without people re-asking certain questions. I had a 85 300zx turbo before i got my stang and often visited z31.com for info and advice. The site had tons of good info, but some of my questions never were answered because i was afraid to ask the forums because all the jerks would flame you for asking a "newbie" question. That is part of the reason i sold my z. That is why i love having my stang. I can get good advice and help on newbie issues that aren't always fully discussed in posts i search for. Sometimes, it's nice to discuss a common topic or problem to get some fresh viewpoints.
    Stangnet rules.
  7. its worse in the classic mustang area where people are constantly asking about how to do a disk brake swap :ban:
  8. posting classifieds

    Does anybody know how to post on classifieds? I log into the classifieds and put all of my information into the ad, I then post the ad and nothing comes up. I don't know if anybody else has these problems. Thanks