"?" about u/d pullies, timing, & exhaust

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by FR-S8N, May 29, 2008.

  1. when I had a 2001 GT a great combo was u/d pullies and timing adjuster from Steeda. good bang for the buck.

    I was wondering if advancing the timing (with a diablo tuner) and a set of pullies will have the same effect? (on a 2005 GT)

    Is the Magnaflow axle back exhaust a good purchase? will it help add power?
    Or is borla better?
    I was looking at the magnaflow kits and noticed that there is a 2 piece and a 4 piece, what is the difference?
  2. Not sure about adjusting the timing but the pulleys are advertised to give you like 10 more ponies.

    As far as exhaust, borla and magnaflow are both very good. Magnaflow makes a deeper growl. I personally went with magnaflow because of the deeper tone, gains, and price (got a good deal). I'm assuming the 4 piece is a cat back system which I got over just the axle back.
  3. Steeda UDPs will net you about 6 rwhp. I know, I've installed them and got the results first hand. Exhaust really doesn't give you any power on these cars, it does make them sound a lot better. The Magnaflow exhaust system is super quiet, I wouldn't recommend it. Borla doesn't sound that great in my opinion. I'd go with the Pypes Mid Muffler System. As far as tuning, I'd go with a Xcal2 from SCT. A lot more people tune with SCT than Diablo. My personal choice in tuners is Justin with VMPTuning.com. I've got great numbers from his stuff, great customer service, very fast turn around, etc.

  4. I don't really want to upgrade exhaust since all I hear is that it doesn't add much. Just changes the sound. But the 05 GTs already sound nice.

    Will investing in steeda pullies and the breenspeed SCT tune w/ bbk intake be better?
  5. Yes, I'd say so. I haven't done business with Bama Chips but can vouch for Justin with VMPTuning.com
  6. UDP's of course will net some power, made a difference in mine i went with Moto Blue. As for exhaust save your money. Start with a Cold air intake and tuner I recommend Xcal3 from SCT. This will net you more power then an exhaust will.
  7. Typically axle back exhausts aren't going to give you any gains. Removing cats are good for 2-4 rwhp typically. A custom tune and intake is simply the best bang for the buck when adding power. UDPs and CMCVs are worth about ~12 rwhp.

    I'm running a 93 octane performance tune, C&L CAI with 88mm maf tube, SLP LMs, Steeda UDPs and Steeda CMCVs. I put down 302 rwhp and 318 rwtq on a day with high humidity and it was 85 degrees. Not too bad for the money I've invested in go fast mods.