? about v6 single to dual exhaust

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  1. i have a 2008 v6 mustang all stock, i want to put dual exhaust on it cuz i dont like the stock system.....cash is a semi-isssue.....what do you guys reccomend...links would be appreciated....im looking for a complete dual exhaust kit made for a stock v6 stang...thanx eberybody
  2. If you want really cheap just for sound, get a set of mufflers from a GT off eBay. You can replace your stock muffler right away, and save the other for when you get some pipes ran later at a muffler shop.

  3. like he said i ran that set up in the fall switched over to duals this winter, sound not much different more looks than anything. pypes has a system that will bolt up to the gt mufflers or can just buy an x pipe from them if you have the gt over the axle pipe for the driverside can reuse you stock v-6 passenger side.
  4. I've had my dual GT mufflers for a couple years now and loved them, though lately I've been getting the itch to get something with a little more talk :D
  5. The stock V6 setup is horrible.

    When you go duals, make sure it is FULL or "True" duals, NOT with "Y" pipes.

    The sound of a Y pipe setup is barely louder than stock and there is probably no performance gain because the whole system is limited to the size of the single pipe between the Ys... just like stock.

    My Pypes setup with Street Pro mufflers is the loudest I've heard on a V6. (97dB at cold idle, interior 87dB at 2200-2500 rpm, exterior at WOT ???? LOUD!)

    There is a very deep resonance (old school term) that has made many people mistake my pony for a GT.

    The 4 inch tips almost require the use of GT rear bumper cover or other aftermarket cover, they don't look good on a cutout stock bumper.

    I have videos up on YouTube (SOHCman).

    Just make sure to go FULL duals... you can always unbolt the mufflers if you want to try something else.
  6. me personal wich is what i did was 3 1/2 inch pipes duel.. with single chamber flowmaster.. wich sounds pretty good but then after that i got shorty headers for mine wich sounds alot deeper dosnt have a ricer sound to it
  7. and for the cutout just get a templet sketch it on to ur car.. get the proper air saw to do the job .. and tada.. its looks really good.. just my opinion
  8. I agree. Same system I run. I disagree about the bumper though, mine looks fine and it's a cutout stocker.