ABS light on code help

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Pops Fun, May 2, 2004.

  1. Hi
    Pulled some codes today got a 511,10 and 111, anybody know what these are, I can't find these listed. :shrug: My anti-lock light comes on after driving a while. started after I put 3.25x50x15 DR's on the back.

    Any help??

  2. i had this same problem...if you put a different size tire on the back than you have on the front it will do this. because of the different size the speed sensors are sending 2 different reading to the computer thus making the computer think that one the sets are locking the brakes which is kicking on the abs while you are driving. this happened to me after putting 255/45/17 on the back and leaving the 215/45/17 on the front. that should answer your question
  3. i am just saying i had the same problem when i changed my tires ...i mean it would happen everytime that i would get up to around 35 to 40 mph ...it would come on and then stay on until i pulled over turned the car off for a sec then back on. then i would drive it again and as soon as i got around that mph again it would come on. if this sounds like the same thing that is happening to you then its that you have the 2 different size tires.
  4. is your rear piston collapsed all the way? (when you did brakes last...) that could be rubbing on the sensor back there... which could give the code... just a thought...

    -btw, where did you get the code machine? (or whatever it's called :D)
  5. My son brought in a scan tool from work to get the codes, althought from what I've read none of them are real??
  6. the only reason I ask is to have something to check my O2s whenever I want... and little stuff like that...