Mach 1 ABS Light/Traction Control

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  1. Hello everyone!! This is my first time here... and I'm here for a reason. I need some help!

    My boyfriend has a 2004 Mach 1 (my avatar is a pic of it).

    Recently, the ABS light has been coming on and off. We didn't notice until driving at night once, that when the ABS light is on, the traction control light on the button is also on. Once that light is on, the button won't turn the light off even once pushed. Then when the ABS light goes back off, traction control can be turned on and off like normal.

    The car itself has been working fine, no problems at all. :shrug:

    I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? What is causing this to happen?

    Thanks for your help!!!
  2. Ck the brake fluid level.
    I'd also inspect the wheel sensors (they look like sprockets that feed wheel speed to the ABS system)
    The ABS system and the TC system are related.
  3. ?

    Sooo... we checked the brake fluid, no problem there. Then, we were able to take the Mach 1 to a brake shop and they ran a diagnostic. The light wasn't on at the time (of course... err) and no codes were found. The guy we took it to agreed that it is a wheel sensor, we have to figure out which one is making the problem.We will just have to time is out right to run the test for ABS light codes.

    Now, we've noticed a weird crunching sort of sound when you push the brakes in hard at a stop. And if you listen really closely, it sounds like pressure lets out like a small hissing sound. Then, a sound comes from what sounds like the rear axel, sort of like something is flapping or wrapping around while the car is in motion, not at a stop. It's very frustrating! :mad: It seems like when the ABS lamp is on, the sound can't be heard, when it's off, it's very loud and obvious.

    Hopefully, we can get it out to the shop with the light on soon and fix this bad boy back right!!
  4. The hissing noise just may be the calipers grabbing the rotors lightly. My mach does it I think it is the calipers slightly rubbing on the rotors. About the rear end, I am not sure what you mean. I think it may be just the drive shaft moving when you turn. I was driving my mach and turing at slow speeds I hear a clanking come from the rear it is the drive shaft moving a little. Just a guess.
  5. same problem

    I am currently having the exact same problem...did you figure out if it was the sensor?
  6. A few weeks ago I had the same problem, it would go on and off and it wasn’t consistent. I put it on the rack, and ran a diagnostics test. It turned out the front passenger side sensor was not reading the wheel speed correctly. Once cleaned, the wheel speed sensor worked perfectly and problem solved. Be very careful with the sensors they break easy!
  7. abs light and traction control light on

    I had my mustang put on a diagnostic and they said my module was bad and when I called ford they told me it depended on which one of two my car had, it would cost either 800 or 1000 to get a new one. Has anyone else been told this? Has anyone any info on getting one at a better deal?
  8. you can order one from autozone for around $75 and do it yourself, not that big of a job.

    ABS Module
  9. I also have a 2004 mach one that is experiencing the same problem. i took it to the dealership where i purchased it new and they supposedly fixed it by replacing a "corroded fuse" $(93.00 diagnosis charge) and as i suspected that did not fix it. Now they have it again and say the ABS/Traction control module is bad and it willcost $1200.00 to fix it. Can somebody give me advise on the best thing i can do to fix this please?
  10. I know this is an old thread, but i'm having the same problem with the ABS and rear end making a thumping noise, it happens the most when I'm coasting/light brake pressure, when I'm pressing the brakes hard it seems to go away.

    OP, did you just replace the abs module or was that knocking another problem as well?