ABS Module Fun!

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  1. I hate being so sarcastic.

    Well, the dreaded on and off ABS has hit my car. Will come on at various times during my commute, stay on for several miles and go off while the car is still "hot". I have discovered the other threads and evolution311's YouTube video. My car is throwing a C1266 and C1805. The 1266 code has been recommended to change the module. I even went and purchased a used ABS module off of Craigslist, out of a GT with traction control, just like mine. I'm just wondering what else to expect from this changeout, other than the fact that there is a Vortech head unit and bracket possibly in the way.
  2. Well, bit of an update, just swapped the modules last night and it turns out there was a Cobra one on my car...and my car isn't a Cobra. WTF?
  3. Always start troubleshooting ABS problems by inspecing and cleaning the ABS sensors.
  4. I did. But why would my car have a Cobra module and I have not ever touched the thing??
  5. Hmmm that sucks it was not just a dirty sensor...
  6. My phone doesn't show your car. What is it?

    Bullitts and Mach 1's have the Cobra ABS
  7. '99 GT I educated and saw that Cobra's, Termi's, Mach 1's and Bullits all have the Cobra module, while the GT is either traction or non traction and the V6's state V6.
  8. Do a Google search for the codes listed and do the diagnostics. It can be a ground or a relay or anything. I found lots of info very quickly.
  9. I did, they came up mismatched module as well as the code that is recommended I replace the module itself, so I have, and found out I had a Cobra one (I have my Vortech intake pipe in the way or else I could have seen it was a Cobra module sooner). I've replaced it with a GT traction (to match my car) over the weekend and I haven't seen the ABS warning light pop on then off about 5 minutes later...
  10. My ABS light has been on for some time now. What do you recommend for cleaning the sensors?
  11. They are magnetic so they accumulate metal filings, use fingers and maybe follow up with a blast of brake cleaner.
  12. Well, the light tripped today. Went to see my buddy at Advance and just pulled the 1805 code for mismatched module. Have been doing some searching and found it could be air bubbles in the ABS system that could trigger the light too.
  13. The air bubbles may trigger the light but I don't think they will set that code. You don't need to throw parts at it to fix it we need to find you a diagnostic trouble tree so you can check it.
  14. Okay, I am starting to think that my car came with a Cobra ABS system. I know the pumps are different just what way can I identify that mine is a Cobra and not a GT? There are 4 lines coming out of the top of the pump..

    Because, if I do have a Cobra, my cars' issue was the module went bad and by installing a GT Traction one, the light stays on immediately after starting the car.
  15. were is the module located have same problem
  16. The module is the first part the stealership will want to throw at the problem and the last place for the smart owner to consider. Clean the ABS sensors.
  17. You're right, but I'd try to find someone with a code reader that can pull ABS codes.

    If I were to have this problem again, first I'd clean the sensors, just google it to get some pictures of where they are.
    Next, go get codes read. If a sensor is bad, the ABS computer will tell you. Replace that sensor, unless it is throwing a power or mismatched code, then the module is the problem. I mailed mine out to Cheap ABS Inc. and had a turn around of 4 days. You can still drive the car in this condition just you will not have the ABS and they pumps actuators would be exposed. I have not re-installed mine (I DD my car, and would rather get it done on a weekend with a friends help (due to my lack of quality tools and large hands) yet but nothing but good things come from this guy who does all Bosch modules made.

    Their are solders that break on different circuit boards in the module. This guy warranties his work and communicates very well and it was $115 plus my shipping to send it to him. Cheaper than a $550 Ford or Raybestos reman part.
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  18. Well, the thing that has been throwing me for a loop is still there. But the problem is fixed. So, apparently my car came with a Cobra system...and with the repaired Cobra module my car stops like crazy again! Yet, my car is a '99 GT. Strange...

    I do highly recommend Cheap ABS Inc. for Mustang guys who are throwing this code. It took me and a friend 2 hours for removal and 2 hours for installation. (with beer, dinner and Pandora playing some stand up comedy acts)
  19. The ABS pumps are the same in the 99-04 Cobras and GTs. The modules are different. A direct comparison can be made at fordparts.com and fordpartsgiant.com.

    So, the Cobra module does work in your GT? Do you have Cobra or GT calipers and rotors?