ABS or no??

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  1. Ok I have read my sticker on my car and everything but I cant find out if my car has ABS? The dealer said it comes standard.. I have a Screaming Yello, V6, Prem. shaker1000, Black leather int. auto. And when I look at the instrument panel were the lights come on when the car first starts and it shows the (ABS) or w/e symbol if you look close but it dosnt light up. Do all '05 Mustangs have that symbol and light up only if you have ABS? I dont have trac.control or.. i dont have a button for it. I dont know if V6's have the button for trac.control or not. Please help.
  2. my v6 premire on the window sticker under optional equiptment it lists anti lock breaks/traction control $775.00
  3. ABS is not standard on the V-6. Mine is a V-6 Deluxe and it did not come with ABS.(funny thing is-my insurance company has my car listed as having ABS, guess when I gave them the VIN number it came up as having ABS)
  4. according to the Ford website ABS is available with traction control for the V6 and Included for the V8. However if you click the link for the V6 it does then tell you ABS is standard??????????

    Find a quiet road and slam the brakes on at about 30mph - if you have ABS then it should kick in.

    If the dealer says you should have it and you don't - go and complain big time!
  5. If you open the hood and look right behind the drivers side headlight, if you have abs, you will find the abs hydraulic control unit mounted there. It is between the airbox and headlight. It looks like the attached picture from my mustang. If you don't have this you don't have abs. As someone else said, abs/tc is a $775 option on the V6, and standard on the GT

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  6. Not all V6's come with abs. Sam is correct, you will have this box if you have abs.
  7. abs and traction control come together, if you have one, you have the other, you cant have just one, because traction control on braking is the same as abs, so they just use it for all-round traction aswell
  8. Look at the tires, or rather behind the rims, ABS has four discs/rotors where no ABS only two disc/rotors in front and drums on rear.
  9. Wrong!! All 2005 mustangs are 4 wheel disc. There are no more drum brakes on mustangs.
  10. Yup, finally they get on trac, 4-wheel disc is nice...
  11. They havent used rear drums in mustangs in quite a while, what do you mean "finally"?
  12. It thought when that guy said that all mustangs have dics now that 2005 was maybe first year for every stang to have them, sorry, lol :damnit:
  13. rid of the tcs

    my mom has tcs on her mustang. is there a way to turn if off? if so how? :shrug:
    TCS suxx! :notnice:
  14. i think they started 4 wheel disc in 94, not sure :)
  15. Well if the tcs button isn't right there above the radio, then i don't know what to tell you.
  16. Brakes prior to 94 were awful. ABS is an option on the V6. I wanted it and it took me awhile to find the color, etc. I wanted on a car equipped with ABS. I actually gave up leather for the brakes.
  17. GREAT Echo just killed a 16 year old LOL
  18. haha! :owned: