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  1. Hey guys, quick question, my ABS light is on in my 6cyl, and its starting to pizz me off... checked the fluid, so thats not it, probably gonna have to take it into the dealership, anyone ever had to take their car in for abs? i was just wanting to know how much it ended up costing to fix cuz i had some other plans to spend money on, but i dont want my brakes going out this winter! thanks guys
  2. more than likely a sensor or the computer
  3. I would assume, i mean the car hasnt had any mechanical problems since i bought it, but i have had to change the airbag sensors, fix the driver power seat and the battery, so more than likely its computer oriented. I was just wondering if anyone had thier car in and how much they were charged to fix it.
  4. speaking of that......what all is involved to convert a car to ABS. I don't have it and I know what a pain it is to drive in the winter. Just curious....probably too much work considering I'd have to get all near calipers, maybe rotors too, ABS control units.....ECU reprogramed, etc, etc
  5. I won't say it's impossible .. but it will NOT be nice. You'd need to run a second brake line from every wheel to the ABS controller, and you'd need new calipers on all four corners as well (I suppose you could try tapping into the lines instead, but I don't know how safe this would be). There'd also be a pile of underhood wiring to take care of too. This is all in addition to finding an ABS controller (I believe they're Bosch parts on our cars), and an ABS pump and actuator assembly. Prolly not too fun, unfortunately. :(

    Regarding the original question - it's not low brake fluid. That causes the red parking brake indicator to illuminate, not the yellow ABS indicator.

    It's possible your ABS controller has gone for a crap, but that's unlikely. 99 times out of a hundred the problem is a wheel speed sensor. There are a couple things you can check before you cave and take it to a dealer. Jack the car up and take a look at each sensor. They're generally easy to find, pretty obvious. Sometimes the connectors get clogged with dirt, or leak and get wet inside. If you feel up to it, you can pull them apart one at a time and inspect/clean/dry them. If that still doesn't get you anywhere, you might have to take it to a dealer. They'll be able to connect a computer to it and tell you exactly which wheel sensor is giving you grief, and replace it if necessary.
  6. yea, this weekend i gotta switch over to my ugly 15'" winter wheels, while they are off ill probably take a wire brush or wheel to the grooved wheel part of the sensor, clean out all the gunk, im sure theres plenty there, hopefully thats it. thanks for the input
  7. Thats a lot of work to go to ABS. I glad I just searched and found this