Brakes Abs Questions, Come And School Me Up.

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  1. Ok so I sold my car (well shall) to a buddy and he is transplanting his wrecked 04 motor into it. My Gt was a 2000 with ABS. Apparently his 04 did not come with ABS? From what I gathered the ABS was an option for the 04 GT's?

    Now here is my real questions. I left him everything but my abs mod in the car(lines, etc). What is it going to take to get him to a)use my abs mod or b) switch to no abs (remove all lines, etc)?

    Does he just need my harness? or the who shabang (computer, harness, fuse, etc..). I am looking for the cheapest option for him and also any information on the topic.

  2. hmmmm anybody?
  3. this has nothing to do with abs, but are you getting rid of the torq tech car?
  4. It would be hard for him to put it back together at this point lol.. He's parted out most of it. Not 100% sure what happened but it was motor related and he didn't feel it was the right time to tear down and rebuild it so he parted it out.
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  5. that sucks.
  6. lol Yes the car is gone....still miss it...

    yeah tore down the entire car...still parting as we speak. I'd put an ad on Stangnet...but no one seems to view them?

    Does anyone have any information on this ABS issue?