Absoulute First 5 Foxbody Mods

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  1. ive seen this on here before. what are most peoples first five?
  2. Assuming you are starting with a stock car, and this is for a street driven car.

    In addition to the free stuff- remove silencer, bump timing,

    subframe connectors
    130 amp 3g alternator
  3. After making sure its running/tuned properly I'd do rearend gears,exhaust,rear controll arms/torque boxes,frame connectors,CAI.
  4. My preferences (which may not be the most "high performance" or "bang for your buck" mods):

    1. Shifter
    2. Exhaust
    3. Gears
    4. Subframes
    5. Seats

    Some people may be surprised about #5, but after having Corbeaus in my coupe for just one drive around the block, I now understand why aftermarket seats cost so much. Good seats are something that will change the whole feel of the car since they're what connects YOU to the car. Of course, outside of that list are the usual free mods that I assume everyone has made already anyway, like bumping the timing, removing the air silencer (if you're lucky enough to get a car that's so unmolested that it still has one), and even other common mods like efans and CAI's. Those are the 5 things that have made the most enjoyable improvements for me other than significant increases in power.
  5. already got shifter, exhaust, 130 alternator, 190 fuel pump, earlier vortech s trim. im not sure on gears. speedo is right. guess I could look speedo cable gear to check color. I was thinking torque boxes, sub frames, and control arms next. opinions?
  6. Subframes x10000! With torque boxes a close 2nd! Get the chassis stiffening/enforcement done before anything else. And when you're back there do the LCA,UCAs! With any spirited driving you're twisting the s hit out of it
  7. Gears,
    full 4-wheel disk Cobra conversion w/ABS
    bump timing to 12-14 degrees
  8. 1. Turbo
    2. Turbo
    3. Turbo
    4. Turbo
    5. Turbo

  9. You could count the revolutions, but that would mean taking off the rear dif cover. Easier method to find out your gears is to locate an online gear calculator and input your info

  10. In your case, I'd do:

    1. Subframe connectors
    2. Torque Boxes
    3. Control Arms
    4. Anderson Powerpipe for the Vortech
    5. Larger MAF

    What injectors are you running and what MAF? How tuned?
  11. I'm going to go with a more philosophical approach. These would be my advice for first 5 "mods" to a new Fox guy.

    1. Accept that you've got your work cut out for you to catch up to the performance of modern cars. Put on your humble hat, because there will be a lot of bloody knuckles and dollars spent before you can talk smack AND back it up.
    2. Decide what your REALISTIC ultimate goals are for the car. Lots of guys miss this one, start randomly buying parts, and then we see threads like "I know this isn't ideal, but can I use X parts with X parts and still achieve X". The answer is usually "NO".
    3. Learn how to use Google. There isn't a lot of stuff that hasn't already been covered 1000 times on these cars.
    4. Learn how to shop for used parts. Outside of anything with a SBC in it, these cars have about the best used-parts market of anything.
    5. Invest in TOOLS. So many broken parts, blood spilled, and money spent because people tried to cut corners and use the wrong tools (or insufficient/ineffective tools) during the build process.

    #4 and 5 should probably be higher on the list, really. Doing a GOOD job shopping for used parts can save you so much money, and the right tools can make your life so much better.
  12. altezza tails
    euro clear headlamps
    saleen wing
    and NAWZ the big bottle. better make it two of them
  13. If you could place a monitory value on keeping up w modern cars what would it be?
  14. #1- Remove the intake bell/silencer.
    #2- Add a K&N filter.
    #3- Install underdrive pulleys.
    #4- Weld in a pair of 2 chamber flowmasters (into the stock exhaust).
    #5- Add a Power module "computer chip".

    Oh wait, that was a flashback from 25 years ago.:D
  15. ....ROTF!!! :drool:
  16. title says "Absolute First 5" - this is my cheapo route
    1. Steeda Tri-Ax shifter lever - love the shift angle
    2. Gears
    3. Larger mass air meter and cai
    4. 130 amp
    5. Electric fan
  17. :nice::nice::nice:
  18. W those pulleys better add a better alt
  19. assuming the motor is in good condition and the tuneup has been done not so long ago and long term parts like hoses, belts, water pump, ignition switch, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, shocks and struts, sway bar bushings and endlinks are all new or in very good working order and the engine has no leaks. for example if you have a coolant leak aat the rear of the engine you will likely need intake manifold gaskets at that point since you would be taking the old intake manifolds off you might as well upgrade.

    pre mods:
    #1 set a budget since you might not get all of the money back out of the car you put in it.
    #2 set a goal. street, 1/4 mile, road course, any mixture
    #3 insure you have sufficient tools and space too work on the car.

    #1 SF connectors

    #2 3g swap

    #3 electric fans w/ aluminum radiator

    #4 full exhaust

    #5 upper and lower control arms

    i will be updating this list slowly
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  20. Wow now all I need is the wing,head/tail lights and 2nd bottle:cool: