Absoulute First 5 Foxbody Mods

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  1. Uh... no. It's definitely at fault. Stockers were only 75 amp. Swapping all pullies except the alternator resulted in no problems, but replacing the alternator and crank resulted in a lack of charging in my car. I swapped the stock pulley back on and no problems. Funny because I could keep the car alive during the day for a while, but with the lights on, there was no chance. I think I was still running a stock coil at the time. Don't know how you pulled off the E-fan and all pullies. When I upgraded to an e-fan, I also upgraded to a 90 amp autozone deal to keep things humming along.

    With the new combo, computer stuff, and all new badass stuff under the hood, I went with an equally badass 200 amp PA performance deal. Hopefully, that quenches any electrical thirst I ever have. I'm sure it's overkill, but between the BS3, MSD 7+, "high voltage/current" HVC coil, dual electric fans, insane fuel pump, etc, etc... maybe even a sound system one day? 200 amp should have me covered :nice:

    But... and I'm definitely ignorant on electrical systems... My theory is that a given alternator draws the amperage that the system currently needs. So, I question the use of alternator pullies altogether.

  2. ABS would be sweet. Have you brought the ABS over from a 94 - 95 to a fox?

  3. Not yet. It's on "the list". I started scooping up parts. When i did my 5-lug swap, i used axle and hubs that had the ABS rings installed so that I could add the ABS at a later date