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  1. hoping someone could help me with an AC issue- last summer my AC and a few other things had some issues and i ended up getting a CCRM from ebay. my repair guy couldnt get the AC to work and after a whole lot of trouble shooting, it turns out the AC Clutch was staying on even when the car was off- got a new battery before he figured that one out- anyway, short term solution, he told me to take a relay or fuse out of the slot that powers it when the car is going to sit for more than two hr and it wont die, - he put that part elsewhere in the ccrm - and ill still have air. the only problem is i forgot where/ how to replace what what he was taking in the ccrm and putting into that slot to power the air. once thats done the air is working and cold as hell.

    could anyone please shed some light on this? i can afford a fix right now and its hot as hell in Va with a toddler in the car.
  2. nothin, huh? damn.
  3. I give up..... What model year Mustang are we talking about? FWIIW, not all Mustang CCRM's are the same. The model year and engine DOES make a difference.

    Consider looking up the CCRM in at There's a compatibility tab that will list all of the other "applications" that use the same CCRM.
  4. thanks man- its a 2002 gt. i guess what i really need to know is what could i swap into that ac clutch space- maybe the window washer?
  5. What are you swapping? I don't fully understand what you want to do.
  6. sorry to be vauge... the mechanic was able to put a relay in that spot for the ac clutch ( in the ccrm ) and then remove it once the veh was parked..if i leave that relay in, the ac cluch wont disengauge and it kills my engine. if possible, id love a link to a photo or diagram of the inside of the ccrm with an explanation on what relay i could switch into that ac clutch spot so i could have the airconditioning working while im in the car.- id ask the mechanic to show me but due to some really shotty repair and some overcharging on his part, we have parted ways, lol
    2002 mustang gt 4.6