SOLD Ac Delco Cobra Front Disc Brake Pads

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  1. For sale a new set of ACdelco-17D412M-Front-Semi-Metallic-Brake-Pads, these are new and sealed in factory shrink wrap. I don't have the box as it was accidentally thrown away.

    These pads will fit all mustang cobras or cars equipped with FMS big brake kit with the twin piston pbr caliper. Fits the BAER racing brakes as well with the pbr caliper.

    These are expensive pads. Cost is nearly $100 from the stores or ebay, this pad offers great performance, quiet, low brake dust and many miles of service.

    This is street pad, do not use for racing, best you purchase a track pad for those applications.

    Asking $75 shipped to your location. image.jpg

  2. $65 shipped!
  3. $60 shipped
  4. $50 shipped!
  5. $45 shipped
  6. For $15 more, I'll send the set of rear pads as well.
    Total of $60 for both front and rear shipped.

    The rear set has been sitting around for a few years, surface rust on them but one hard press of the brake pedal would clean them right up. A great deal at $60 shipped.
  7. SOLD Send me an invoice or would you like me to just send it your way?
  8. Cool thanks! I'll send you a PM :nice:
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