AC Delete?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Black 93 Fox, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. What all do I need to do a ac delete with out a kit? Also can I use the stock belt I just bought it so its brand new(didnt plan on doing this).

    Black 93 Fox
  2. Youll have to leave the ac compressor on the car if you want to use that belt, and you have to at least relocate the ps pump farther up on the head(Ford kit with all the correct bracket 46.00-Jegs) or move the belt tensioner with the March kit(Summit 42.00)

    Make sure your system is drained, if it still has a charge youll have take it to a garage and have it evacuated. Dumping to atmosphere is illeagal,
    damages the ozone, and can kill you.

    The ac hoses are attached by both bolts and spring claps. Spring clamp tools can be bought for less than 15.00 at any good auto supply, they also work on the fuel system so youll be able to use them in the future. You can always hack them off with a hacksaw, but it looks kinda cheesy under the hood. Unbolt hoses from back of compressor and condensor.
    Drain and remove radiator and fan assembly. Detach and remove condensor. If you get a elimnator kit, remove the compressor from the brackets and install the kit according to instructions.

    Is your system broke. Id save and store any good components in sealed bags for possible re installation. AC is a great option, and really adds to the value of any car. Also remember that the biggest draw back with ac is the weight it adds to the car, AC shuts off at WOT, so it doesnt significantly affect output.

    Hope this helps