AC Leak into passenger floorboard

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  1. Please help before my gf kills me :(

    ok...I have an 01 V6 and i have been using my ac alot girlfriend stepped out of the car the other day and the bottom of her pants were soaking wet...i told her i left the windows down for a quick cover i went to inspect and found a trickle of water (no scent and clear) coming out of a black box that leads to an open hole to the outside of the passenger side i vacuumed the water up and there was enough water to fill a gallon milk jug...tried to plug it with towels and found water in the back floorboard...WTF!?!....please help me solve this before she makes me buy her new pants... :(
  2. Pics

    Heres some pics if it helps

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  3. The water is coming from the evaporator coil. The tube that is sticking out on the engine compartment side is the evaporator condensation drain line. It appears its plugged up and backing up into the blower assembly. get an indoor/outdoor vac and put the hose to the drain line on the engine side firewall. When you put the vac hose on it, make sure you cover it to prevent suction loss. You want all the suction coming out the drain line, not leaking along the side of the hose.. This way it'll force a lot of crap out of the evaporator coils. There is most likely algae buildup inside.

    Oh...and your gf is hot :D lol. Well posted it...hehe
  4. LOL, I was waiting for someone to make a comment about the pic...heh.
  5. Plugged it up, but it sucks! (But not good enough)

    So i tried to use the vacuum at my house, no help...i dont think it gets enough suction...dont have enough money for a i tried some cheap silicone...bad idea! i have a sticky mess in my floorboard and for some reason the towel i placed against it got so hot it burned me when i pulled it out for a check-up...(Have no clue why its getting hot, it steams everytime i check it) I noticed a little water coming from underneath the car so i think it might have helped a lil...but on a different topic, why is the little drain hole right above the exaust pipe?...and should there be a hose or something coming from the hole?...the towel seems to be keeping water out of the front floorboard so that should keep her pants dry for as long as that holds up...should i try a different method? thinking about taking it to a car wash and using that vac for better suction...wish me luck on not getting
  6. The towel you placed on the floorboard was steaming hot? If it was a hot steaming wet towel, I would def suspect a heater core leak. You didn't by any chance pull that black tar insulation away from the firewall did you? The exhaust gets very hot in this area. The converter underneath, at least on mine does not have a heat shield on top. Seems like it was built that way. Either that or it went missing somehow. Anyway, if it isn't coming from the heater core, then the exhaust is heating up the floor pretty good. Enough to get the water leaking out hot. If it's THAT hot, i'd check to make sure you're converter isn't getting plugged up or too hot. Don't take the black insulation away from the firewall. Doing so will allow a LOT of heat in.

    Once when one of my converters got red hot, the interior of my car started to smell like something was burning. My carpet was out at the time. It turns out the floor had gotten so hot from the burning hot converter that it started cooking the adhesive material on the floorboard.

    I hope you didn't use a regular floor vacuum to suck up the water. If it wasn't meant for water, you could damage it :p .

    Go ahead and use the carwash vacuum. Who's gonna care...heck, do it at night if you are concerned about an employee noticing hehehe :D . and no, that drain on the firewall isn't supposed to have any other pieces attached. It just drips onto the hot converter below. I remember awhile back I didn't know what this noise I was hearing was. Every time after I shut the car off after a drive and got out, as soon as the door closed I heard a SSSsssss noise, like something sizzling. It was water getting shaken out of the drain tube and landing on the exhaust I eventually found out.
  7. Sorry for the long delay...ive been really busy lately...haha...i dont know a lot about heater core's but it seems to only leak when i have the ac exaust is kinda self-built and has a small leak that may be causing the floorboard to heat on using my dad's shop-vac to see if i can get some junk out of the line that way...i tried the car wash but the tip on the vacuum was like 3 feet noticed another wierd misfunctionality, when i turn on my a/c it doesnt blow until it is on high...(in other words i can't control how much air comes from my vents...the temperture is not hot enough to burn my hand, but it compares to the temperature of the water in a hot tub...i found a piece of the black box thingy that was broken off (pic included in post) the way i cant wait to hear that hissing noise coming off my exaust...that would be way better than that bitching noise coming out of her mouth...haha
  8. my 2000 mustang does the same thing it seems to only happen when i run my ac im in the same boat