Ac On Fox Cars..

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  1. Well, its been a very long while since i posted anything or came here..

    Started working on the fox again (ill post a build thread tomorrow)

    Why does it seem that every fox body i come across does not have AC? Or, when someone decides to build the motor, they delete the AC? Id figure everyone wants AC in a street car (here in hawaii its always hot as hell so its like a requirement)
  2. I think people pull it because it brakes and they are too lazy to fix it. Then they use the "because race car" excuse. It doesn't even weight that much.

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  3. Yeah, i kinda figured that. An H/C/I swap takes off more weight than getting rid of the AC does i would think.
  4. I think someone weighed it, and it was 38lbs if you removed every single part of the AC system. About the same as an HCI I guess.

  5. I wish I never removed mine :(
  6. People delete them because they are morons!

  7. I think he 's right on this one.

    Plus, it ranks right alongside of electrical systems in the level of understanding that many guys have - it's a mystery. Gaseous refrigerant and electricity can't be seen, tasted or smelled by most people: you can only feel what they do.

    Georgia is almost as hot as Florida, and the A/C is one of the things I tend to fix before some of the other annoyances. Being old and overweight makes getting hot and sweaty even more uncomfortable.
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  8. Yup, i'd list it in the top 4 dumbest things to do to a fox. Up there with with removing the power steering, deleting the rear seat, converting to a carb.

    All poorly thought out ideas that have little to no performance value.

    Gotta love the answer "I like the clean engine bay look".
    Honestly, i think it hurts the look under the hood, i see no PS or AC and think to myself, this car never gets driven, so what's the point?
  9. To each their own. I have a friend who removed the entire HVAC to put a cage in the car. He didn't realize that without the HVAC box, you can't defrost the windshield, and you can't drive a car with a halo unless you are wearing a helmet. Guess how much he drives that car. I understand that some people don't care if the car has AC. I just think it's not well thought out.

  10. I got my A/C. Gotta have it!!!
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  11. Wish mine had AC I bought it already deleted. I'll have to hook it back up in the next few years after I buy my house with a garage.
  12. Love my A/C. Still have 90 lbs of R-12 to charge it. One reason they remove it is the dreaded "spring locks" on the connections. They make it easier to repair, (warranty) but everytime you mash the gas and make the engine move, those spring locks move and a short shot of freon comes out. That's why you need to recharge them every 3-4 years or so. They make exterior locks for them so they don't move, but I've seen each one at about $50. Also kicking someones @$$ with the windows closed is priceless.
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  13. Never had that problem. I haven't recharged mine in a decade.

  14. If your car is a DD or street driven, there is no reason to delete the A/C. You don't race with it on and the HP loss from the freewheeling clutch in negligable.

    The Fox body A/C systems are prone to leaks, especially at the O rings on the lines to the condensor. Ford did a TSB on them and installed brackets to keep the lines from vibrating loose. It also helps to install better O rings. People also don't want to spend the money to convert to 134 from the old r12. Here in Florida, it's crazy not to have A/C on any car.
  15. I still have several lbs of old R12 refrigerant and an evacuator pump to vacuum out the system if i ever do any motor work.

    I haven't seen any fox body's here that have the AC deleted. Mine works perfectly fine. Hell its December and its like 80 during the day.
  16. Aloha.. I, planning on going to the big Island in May... Need me to bring any parts with me? lol
  17. Youll like the Big Island. be sure to hit up Mauna Kea if you want some snow action haha. The big island is way less populated than oahu. Where are you staying? If youre in Hilo, it has that small town feel. Youll love it!

    Can you bring some Cobra R's and fox 5 lug rotors, axles and drums? Thanks! hahah
  18. Love my A/C and climate control in my DD :D
    I would die without it!!!
  19. I actually owned my fox long enough to be a stupid teen and yank out a discharged a/c system, to then growing old enough to say how stupid I was and spend lots of money to put it back in.

    No other car genre hates their a/c as much as fox mustang owners. You don't hear Shelby it terminator guys whining about the extra 35 pounds....because their windows are up with the a/c on
  20. +1 on the first part. As for the second part, that will probably happen this spring.