Ac On Fox Cars..

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  1. Converted to 134, love rolling the windows up on a hot ass day with 90% humidity. Ain't no amount of air moving threw windows to cool my big ass off.
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  2. Yup got mine to 134a also, replaced the bad ac switch and fine tuned the screwhead and she blows very nice in mine :nice:
  3. My old builder wanted me to remove the powersteering and A/C. My answer, "hell no."

    The turbo seems to be causing the o-ring in the condenser to burn up, but I should be able to fix that by getting a condenser that discharges on the driver's side, or maybe a turbo blanket will help it.
  4. Turbo without a blanket? Come on man
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  5. I think this post should be added to the sticky's. It may not be technical, but it can save a few jackass' from first wasting money on the delete kit, then wasting 5 times as much to put the AC back in.
  6. :rlaugh:
  7. You ain't kidding.

    $40 for the delete kit.....vs $500 plus or so to reinstall the A/C using Ford parts and actual R-12
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  8. Not to mention 700+ for aftermarket R-134 conversion kits with parts that cant be replaced by going to your local ford dealer and not OEM in any way.
  9. think long and hard if you really want to delete your A/C in your car.

    That 35 pounds isn't gonna make you that much faster.
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  10. I know alot of you are freezing your asses off and dont use the AC in your car (or cant even drive due to the weather) but today our high is gonna be in the low 80's..hell it was 74 this morning and humid as hell. Perfect example of why not to delete the AC in your car (its like a requirement in hawaii and florida.)
  11. Think I dislike you! Lol. 8 degrees Saturday morning and 4"snow yesterday in northern Illinois. Hate this crap. I need to move south in the winter
  12. Actually, I hate this weather. Being hot all year round and getting actual winter temps for only a month (february) does not cut it with me (lower 70's during the day and 60's or high 50's at night) sucks not getting to experience real seasons.
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  13. When I was shopping for my car, working AC was a mandatory requirement. Out of the 30 or so cars 5 had working air conditioning.
  14. I don't daily drive my car or anywhere close to it so working a/c isn't that important to me. I def would care if I did though
  15. Even if my car isn't a daily, not having A/C put a serious damper on enjoying it here in the humid northeast during the summer.

    Even taking it for a spin in the summer can be miserable when it's 85-90 and very humid. My car is black with black leather and even with the windows down and sunroof off I would just sweat my ass off. It made driving it not very enjoyable and i'd have to wait for a cooler day (like spring or fall) or keep my drive times short. Passengers would complain after a few mins and nobody really wanted to go for a ride to the beach on a hot day just from being uncomfortable.

    Yeah, i know it sounds like i'm spoiled by A/C...but i really can't stand humidity
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  16. To me, the perfect street car is one with high horsepower, good street manners, and all the luxuries of a normal car, and that includes power steering and A/C. If i dont have those last two, i cant enjoy the car no matter how much power it puts down, or what kind of track times its capable of.
  17. Confession time. Back when I was a 16 year old aspiring mechanic, I bought my first Mustang, a 67 fastback that I built in my gaage. Being the stupid ass kid I was,- I pulled off the A/C system because that "dragged HP" and all my friends were ripping out their AC to make their cars "faster". The car was black on black and in the heat of summer in NJ with long tube headers and sidepipes ( yes it was the 70's) , that car would get hotter than a frying pan. Drove that car for almost 3 years with no A/C but as a teenager who cared. Got me more girls and into more trouble than I will ever admit :nice:

    However, after that experience, every single car after that is a DD had A/C.
    Before I bought this convert last year, I looked at over 30 and maybe 2 had working a/c. Half had them deleted or pieces of the system missing. The rest .............does this sound familiar?....................

    "Just needs a charge" :rlaugh:

    So when you ask, then why haven't paid the $100 to charge it then so you could sell the car for more money? Then the stories begin.
    Oh, you don't need A/C on a convert
    I never used the A/C
    I don't have the time
    It was like then when I bought it

    That's when I tell them it will most likely need a new receiver/dryer, hoses, converted to 134 etc, and you are looking at anywhere from $500-1000 to fix and that is coming off the price.

    That's why I paid a little more for the one I have, knowing it was all original, 42000 miles and everything worked.
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  18. I traded my 98 GT for my fox. one of the requirements was that it had to have working AC. i looked at maybe 10 or so foxes and only 3 of them had AC. One even had both power steering and AC taken out.

    Think about it this way: Youre going to the party of the year, you washed the stang, and youre on your swag game. You wanna get there looking like you did when you stepped out of the house, but....oh. You remember the mustang doesnt have AC. You took it out when you first got it to "save weight" and used the excuse "because racecar." Oh, and its 85 degrees out with 90% humidity. You get to the party all sweaty, hair everywhere because you had to put the windows down so you can get some fresh air. All because you decided to save 20 or so lbs deleting your AC (oh and btw, your H/C/I swap saved about 80lbs)

    A/C deletes...not even once.
  19. Not to rip on your analogy but I'm old and bald so not to worried about my hair. I actually have a/c on the car. It just doesn't work and I really don't care that much. Sure I wish it worked. It might just need to be charged. I just haven't looked into it. It's just low on my priority list. I want power(not just 12 sec ets or slower). I want it to drive well. I want it to look good. There are maybe 1-2 weeks max that it gets to hot for me to want to drive it(I usually still do). I only drive it 1-2k miles a year(and 4-6 trips to the strip. I do appreciate where everyone is coming from and if I drove the car more I'd def move the a/c up the list. I have other vehicles for when I'm concerned about the weather
  20. I f'd mine up I think.... It wasnt working when i got it it blew air but not refrigerated air. Well... My dumbazz put 134 in it and it worked for a lil while but now it doesn't and it won't take in anything. Well haven't tried freeon or whatever but it won't take the 134 anymore so I assume its toast? What am I looking at to convert it or what do I need to get it running?