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  1. Where you live you can probably drive it only during a certain time of the year (not winter) so AC probably really isn't that much of a priority. But in hot, humid climates year round (like florida and hawaii) its like a requirement. It just makes driving the car that much more enjoyable.
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  2. You aren't the first person to do that, and you won't be the last.
    Probably blew out the o rings or seals. Not the end of the world.

    Jricker has a good write up on converting to r134 properly.
    Believe it or not, most AC fixes on a fox are relatively cheap.

    r12 is optimal, unfortunately you either have to be hoarding it or have a connection to get it.
  3. Aww you're just saying that. Switch places w/ anybody who lives north of Birmingham, AL and I'll give you exactly one winter.

    One winter spent shoveling the 2' of snow off of the sidewalk to get to the driveway, that you have to shovel another 2' off of to get the car out of the garage, that has a 4' drift in front of the door that you have to shovel to get the car out of.

    One winter spent kicking the brown snow chunks off your car that grow into boulders behind each tire.

    One winter where you get to experience the sheer white knuckle thrill of driving on sheet ice.

    One winter where you actually spend time washing your car at the quarter wash (the one that has heated wash bays) so you can try (in vain) to stay ahead of the road salt that is now eating your car into the ground.After wards you drive that newly washed car to the grocery store 1 mile away, you go in to buy a loaf of bread, and get a gallon of milk (the staple of people living in the north) and you come back out and your car is just as nasty as it was before you washed it, only now your doors are frozen closed.

    I'll bet you'll be back in the 365 day a year sun Jan 1 at 12:01 AM
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  4. i quit shoveling years ago. If I can't drive through it, I'll stay home and wor on my car. Like today btw...

  5. Challenge accepted.
  6. Just out of curiosity have you ever been in cold weather? I mean neg temperatures cold? I'm talking snot ice cycles cold. For 3-4 months straight where only a few days a week you have sunshine and those are usually the coldest. Just asking cuz it sucks. I f'ing hate this sh it. I also take blood thinners and it makes it worse. Sorry for the derail. My whine is over. Back to your OP I agree with you if I lived where it's hot/humid most of the year. A/C is mandatory
  7. I live down south and work up north. The constant temperature changes have been rough on my body. Off to Minneapolis soon. It was 7 degrees there this morning. Maybe it has warmed up a bit.

  8. cute American's talking about what "real cold" is....priceless. :rlaugh:
    Only the US states bordering Canada really have the right to complain about cold and snow. It's about -13C here today (about 8F) and dropping to -20C tonight (about -4F) that's supposed to be the warmest day this week....and winter is just starting. :canada:

    I just said screw it and bought a truck. Around my area, you pretty much need a full size truck as a second vehicle. If not for getting around, then to haul your snowmobile or ATV around in. :D
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  9. Ahh canada:canada: Actually our low tonight is -1 also:( And anything below 15*F is cold IMO I do love to go to that northern country for some walleye/Muskie/pike fishing in the summer time that is(ice fishing isn't for me) I need to move :nonono:
  10. I'm going to let you in on a secret. Nobody here ice fishes. Yeah....we'll buy/build the hut, drill the hole in the ice, we might even drop a line in the water.....but frankly it's just an excuse for buddies to get together, fry up some back bacon, throw a party on the ice and get bombed around a hole. Good times.

    Oh...and that line we dropped in the water. It most likely has our next beer on the end of it. Who needs a cooler. :nice:
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  11. Another reason to hate Al Gore... R12 cools so much better than 134 but thanks to the tree huggers and their phony global warming science crap, R12 is damn near impossible to find and when you do, take out a loan.

    Yeah, putting 134 in an R12 system is a common mistake. It will eat up your R12 O rings, seals and other components. The correct way to convert over to r134 is completely evac out the system with MEK or ethyl alcohol. Aside from the difference in R12 vs 134, the mineral oil used to lubricate the r12 system is not compatible with r134, and if mixed and ruin all your A/C components. To convert over, you need to replace the dryer, hoses and all the o-rings with r134 compatible pieces. Also, the adapters on the lines need to be changed.
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  12. You don't need to do all that. It's not that bad. A 134a system cools just as well as an R12 system. Just needs a little more volume, and a slightly different pressure. Also, the swap to R134a had nothing to do with Al Gore and the tree huggers. you can blame Dupont for that nonsense.

  13. In a system designed around R-134a, or a retrofitted system properly prepped for R-134a, it cools just as good. I get 35 degrees out of the vents on my G35x. Def cold enough for me.

    However, there are plenty of guys who just dump 3 cans of R-134A into an empty R-12 system and call it a day.

    I find it funny that it's 25 and snowing right now where I am...and we are talking about A/C :)
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  14. -9 for low tonight with wind chill factor to -25 deg. Believe me it's cold
  15. It may go as low as 71 tonight where I am. High was 84. Put the top down on the way home. I spent too many years up North freezing my ass off and move down here almost 30 years ago.
  16. I've got about 10 more years and hopefully can retire to a warmer climate. I'm jelly of that weather you've got. I know you have extremes at the opposite end of the temp Ferris wheel but this sucks(I have to work in this sh it)
  17. My compressor died in mine a few years back and I realized at that point, in the middle of August in, that a/c is not optional. I decided to convert mine over and thought I would pass along my experiences. Just my .02

    The problem with just dropping 134 into a r-12 system is an oil circulation/missibility issue. As long as you disconnect all the lines, flush the evap, condenser and lines with a system flush such as RX-11 or something comperable to flush out all the mineral oil from the system componants. I used brake cleaner backed up with dry nitrogen to flush mine when I converted and I also was replacing the compressor so the new unit was dry but if you are using the old compressor it needs to be drained of all its old mineral oil also. Reason this is important is because mineral oil and POE doesnt readily mix together and will pose a problem. A small amount can be left behind and it will be fine. The evaporator especially needs to be flushed well because if a system had a leak and was running with a low charge, the velocity of the low side vapor drops, the oil will log up in the lower bends of the evap coil and be left there. Now you install a new compressor or add the proper charge of POE oil and start the system up fully charged with 134, all the old mineral oil gets flushed out of the evaporator and into the compressor which results in either an overcharge of oil, an incompatable mix of mineral/POE oil or both which either way isnt good.

    Also, when doing the conversion, its a good idea to change the accumulator/drier and suction line that goes with it back to the compressor, the liquid line from the cond. to the evap. which includes the orifice tube and upgrade all the snap-lock fittings with the better quality 134 o-rings. Always coat the new o-rings with some POE oil before installing them too. Another important item is ensuring that a proper vacuum is pulled on the system after all the componants are reinstalled. POE oil, unlike mineral oil absorbs moisture very readily so removing the moisture from the system before charging is imperitive. Also, when working with the oil, keeping the container closed and the cap on tight is equally important also. Before starting the system, the low pressure cycling switch that sits on top of the accumulator needs to be adjusted down about 5 psi or so so that it will cycle the system at the proper temp. As it is set for 12, if left alone it will cycle the comp. too soon and not let it get cold enough as 35psi for 134 = 40* and 35psi for 12 = 36*. Set for about 30psi seems to work well.

    Another note, before I did my conversion, I had also converted to a taurus elect. fan and that seems to help with the complaint some folks have that the air temps coming from the vents rises a bit sitting at idle like in traffic or at a light but cruising down the road it blows nice and cold. Having a clutchfan will make this effect more noticable. I understand that changing out the condenser coil to one that is 134 specific helps this alot.
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  18. Sounds like a lotta work
  19. I know 134a works fine with a good conversion, but it will never have quite the cooling capacity that R12 had in an R12 system. You really don't have any extra steps that you wouldn't do in repairing a 134a system.

  20. Sounds like a lot of work, but its a small price to pay for comfort