Ac On Fox Cars..

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  1. I might just stick to pretty days
  2. I did the conversion to 134 too. I seem to remember R12 being a few degrees colder, but nothing wrong with the system now... aside from the baking o-ring/failure due to the proximity of the turbo.
  3. I wish i had that problem.

    The condensor for R-12 isn't really ideal for R-134a, but overall the efficiency is not the same. It's the main reason why I stuck with R-12 for my system. I took the test to get the license to purchase it (was a little tricky, but i passed first shot) and just bought a few cans off Ebay. (yes, some guys asked for a copy of license, some didn't care) Was $25/can shipped or so when i bought. Not terribly expensive when you see that R-134A price has climbed as well.

    Wait til you have to deal with HFO-1234yf
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  4. Kind of what I said needed to be done. Done right that is. You need to do more than just an evac/fill/change the O rings and line connections.
  5. Yeah that is part of the scam. 134A ain't cheap anymore either 7-8 bucks a can. Last time I bought R12 they were getting $20 -30 a can. I'm looking on Flea Bay and the 30lb containers are going for 5-600 bucks. Insane.
  6. Autozone sells R-134a locally for nearly $20/can. Unsure if it's a regional thing, but the cheap generic 134a goes for $15ish.

    I actually have a decent stockpile of R-12 and R-134a. I figure I just be prepared.
  7. For all the driving you do?

  8. I may not drive my fox....but my daily driver gets 30K per year :)
  9. All the refrigerant prices go up and down as part of a Dupont scam. It was a Dupont scam that caused the change from R12 to R134a in the first place. Dupont regularly stops the production of R134a in order to create a shortage to drive up the price. Wait until they start production again, and stock up. I always buy R134a in 30lb containers when the cost is down. I got my last 30lber for $130 two years ago. That works out to a little over $4/lb. It's much better to fill from a big container anyway. You get a lower chance of air contamination.

  10. I was a dumb 16 year old who removed mine.

    I honestly have not missed it a day since then. Never remember a time that I'd think to have the windows up and the A/C blowing.
  11. Come down to Florida on a hot August day when it's 95 degrees with 90 pecent humidity and say You walk from your house to the car and you are sweating. I can't imagine driving any car here without A/C.
  12. I took mine out, but I so rarely drive it. Mine is a convertible as well. I'd like if it were back, but missing it doesn't really bother me. Once in a while it'll be too hot where having the top down is worse though.
  13. And you live in Massachusetts, where you're lucky to see 90 degree weather... Ever.
  14. Actually, when I was 16-17 I worked at a water park on the coast and drove an '89 5.0 LX. I loved the car and didn't care at all about the a/c....EXCEPT on those rainy days when it was still 90*. With the windows up, there was no way to keep it from fogging up except by turning the HEAT on full blast, and even then it was only partially effective.

    By the way, where the hell you been 25th? Either I have noticed your posts recently or you haven't been around much.
  15. I live in CT where the muggy 90 degree days are not constant and if it came to it, I doubt I'd drive the car on a day like that.

    I've been off the websites for some time. House, wife, kid now. The car hasn't seen any real love in some time. Planning to change that though!