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  1. It was just a matter of time, but my AC compressor died yesterday. Made a terrible screech for a few minutes (I left it on while troubleshooting), but it eventually stopped and now I have no cool air. Hooked a can of 134A up to the low pressure port and the line pressure is at maximum, so the compressor isn't turning anymore or the line itself is blocked/obstructed. 60k miles on the care, so Bumper to Bumper has been gone for some time.

    Long short of it? I don't care, the powertrain warranty just ran up on this baby and I am spending my money on the Boss302 upgrade/tune, not some stupid compressor clutch that is just going to break again. I love the power to weight ratio of this car, but will not be buying another Ford ever again.

    To date, my issues have been:
    1. Battery went bad (corroded my positive terminal and positive cable)
    2. Cruise control button scratched up
    3. Lumbar support button snapped away from molding
    4. Lumbar support cushion broke ($400 for a piece of plastic attached to a motor?)
    5. Noisy suspension driving over slight drops in the road (nobody seems to be able to fix this)
    6. Noisy suspension/groan when braking
    6. Car consumes 1.5 qts of oil between oil changes
    7. Blend door actuator behind the radio broke
    8. Gearbox/control arm squeek when turning right at low speeds

    These are silly little things, but when you buy a car with a MSRP of $39,000 brand new, you kind of expect things to not be junky like this. I still owe $18,000 on it and it drives like a 10-year old car.
  2. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Ford's suspensions aren't the best, but IMO, the roads have gotten a lot worse in the last 20 years. Potholes, bumps, uneven paving, EVERYWHERE. So it's not surprising that after a few years and some mileage, some suspension components will need to be replaced. I had the button issue on my steering wheel (on my focus) it was replaced under warranty. Don't use ANY type of cleaning products on them. Just wipe them down with a rag and be done with it.

    The battery in my focus was 5 years old when I traded it in. I've had toyotas, nissans, fords, chevy's, my ex even had a Kia. Stock batteries never lasted more than 3 years for me.

    Oil consumption happens. I don't see this as a big deal. The rest of it. I completely understand. Unfortunately, you won't find better quality elsewhere. My experience tells me they are all about the same these days, with GM interiors still being inferior to everyone else.

    My wife's Nissan has a niggling issue with the A/C compressor as well. Only happens once in a while but it makes a noise when engaging once in a while when we first start it up for the day. Of course, Nissan can't reproduce it. :/

    Our nation's roads need a massive overhaul. If our government wants to pump money into the economy, they should be focusing on rebuilding them. They've been patched so many times the patches create new problems. I remember when they used to repave every few years.
  3. They fix them, they just use asphalt instead of concrete because it gives the street departments something to do if they are infinitely "fixing" the roads instead of fixing it once and being done with it for 20+ years. Most "street departments" are being contracted by officials who run their own "contractor" companies and award the repair contracts to their guys.

    Anyway, below is a picture of the AC compressor clutch pulley. As you can see, the clutch got very hot and melted into a jelly-like substance. Must have been part of Mulally's continuous improvement efforts: sell the cars at higher prices, change to cheaper vendors for components, and keep Ford out of bankruptcy court all while pinning the bill to their customers.

  4. Had the AC looked at. They believe the coil and clutch are demolished, the whole compressor will need replaced and the system will need flushed and recharged. Quoted me $1100 if the expansion valve doesn't need replaced, $1500 if it does (he said it usually doesn't). He told me I will probably just not want to use it, but I told him I might get it fixed next Spring. He said if that is the case, I should unplug the power to the compressor that way it doesn't kick on when I use the defrost in the Winter.
  5. I have an 05 ford 500. Same thing happened to me. I got the same quotes your getting. Then I went to an honest repair shop, talked to the owner. He suggested we both do a bit of research on the net. Well we both came up with a flow valve located at the back of the compressor. He quoted me 220.00 for the whole job. I gave him the Ok even though there was no guarantee that it was a sure fix. BUT IT WAS. that was 4 years ago and the a/c in that car is still ice cold. Might be worth a try. Find a mechanic that will listen to you. Also, make sure that if you do it, and it doesn't work, he gives you credit towards the whole compressor replacement. My guy agreed to that. Good luck.
  6. You can get a ramanufactured unit from Rock Auto for $223. If you can put it on yourself, you can then take it and have it flushed and filled for much cheaper than you are being quoted.
  7. Don' t forget to oil it.