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  1. So I grabbed a billetech distributor for cheap. It is part no 60201A, Accels' website says this is for an auto trans, 60201M says its for a manual trans, and 60201R is remote mount. I know about that one marked R but why would the units be different between auto and manual ? Never seen specifically an auto dist, or a manual dist. Anyone know if I can run this with a 5 Speed or what?
  2. Check out the color of the TFI module attached to it...

    diagram courtesy of Tmoss & Stang&2Birds


    You need the gray TFI module for 5.0 Fox Mustangs
  3. It has the grey TFI on the dist, when I ran it it seemed like it wasnt advancing the timing like it was supposed to. After install the car ran, timing was steady at 14*, but it didnt pull even through the range. Kept feeling like it was dropping off or just not all there power wise. Didnt know if because it said it was for an auto it had a different mechanical advance. The instruction sheet said the advance could be changed. I didnt think that had been done but dont know how to tell, didnt see the stop screw or the advance springs. The car runs great with the stock one, so I put it back in. Didnt check anything while I had the accel unit installed, but I tested the TFI from it, it checked out ok on all the ohm values given in Probsts' Book. Here is the link to the instruction sheet How do I check the dist to see if its been changed? Any other advice? I can put up pics if it helps. Thanks -J-
  4. It shouldn't have any mechanical advance if it has a TFI on it. Computer does all the timing adjustments. I'm confused.
  5. Me too, did you look at the link?
    It says "as delivered, the mechanical advance in your new distributor is set at 12* distributor (24* Engine) and totals at 2800 engine rpm".
    Page 2 is all about instructions for Mechanical Advance Curve Changes
  6. Are you sure you had the timing set correctly using a timing light? Did you take the SPOUT plug out when timing the engine and put it back in when you finished?

    If so, then:
    Stick with the stock distributor. The stock ignition is good up to 400 HP without NO2 or pressurized induction.
    Take the mystery Accel unit and sell it on eBay or Craig's List...
  7. Yeah everything was set up correctly. After looking at a bunch of other accel distributors I think those instructions are generic for lots of different models and the adjustable advance part is for other distributors, not mine. Is there anything else I can check, figure Ill give it 1 more shot (gonna use a different TFI, and new cap & rotor) before its for sale. A bad PIP sensor would not cause this right?
  8. I agree with jrichker on this. I even run a stock type HEI ignition on my GM car. I have been disappointed with aftermarket ignition parts on my Stang.
  9. It is running great as is.