Accelerating Issue (and More?)

Ben Jeatran

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May 13, 2017
I've got a '93 2.3L 4 cylinder fox body that I've had for a little while now. In the past few weeks it's had an issue; after I start the car, for the first minute of me driving it, the accelerator doesn't move the car too much, the rpm is low, and it makes this popping noise from somewhere near the pedal. After a minute of driving it, it would go away. It also is notoriously bad at climbing hills. Now we get to the past few days. The quick little problem I described is now much harder to get rid of, and I have to pump the gas several times to try and get it to go. After about 10 minutes, something under the car rattles really bad whenever I put my foot on the accelerator, but doesn't rattle in idle. And if I slow it down to go to park, it dies altogether. And when I park and open the hood, there's a crap-ton of smoke coming from somewhere around the water pump (we changed the water pump yesterday so we know that isn't the source).

I've been looking for problems similar to mine but it has so many little issues that I'm not sure who has had this. Probably a good number of people, but I couldn't really get this exact problem from a search bar. A lot of stuff has been changed on this car, and my dad suggests maybe the engine head or the fuel intake is the problem. What do you guys think?

Big thanks to anyone in advance!


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Feb 18, 2001
Just guessing here, but I'm betting something is going on with the timing belt. The smoke could be the belt shredding, and the car running poorly because it's jumped a tooth due to the belt starting to fail.

Would need to poke around a bit more to confirm, but that's one possible thing to inspect