Accessories mode stays on without ignition switch in the vehicle 96 GT


New Member
Jul 25, 2020
Good afternoon. First post here. I have looked around and have not found anyone with the same issue I currently have. I will start with a little back story. I have a 96 mustang gt. A couple weeks ago the switch to change the hot and cold snapped. So I took apart the console to fix. I removed the aftermarket radio and equalizer. After fixing it and putting everything back together I started the car to make sure the A/C was working fine. I then turned the car off and took out the key. Only thing the car didn’t shut off. I looked around and many sites said it was the ignition switch. Easy enough. The switch was old and I could easily remove the key with it running, or in any position for that matter easily. I bought a pats compatible ignition switch. But I noticed that the car still stayed in accessories mode with the switch out of the car. The only way I can shut the accessories off is by unhooking the battery. I put in the new switch but I can’t reprogram because the car constantly stays in the accessories mode. I thought it was the radio so i unhooked the connectors. I checked all the fuses under the dash and under the hood. they look good. I even cut the power to the aftermarket amp. I find it so odd. Someone out here must have had the same issue at some point. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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