Accident Damage - Suspension

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  1. Well, a girl made an illegal u-turn in front of me, and I almost got around her, but she hit the passenger side of the car...the entire side. Front fender, door, door sill, rear fender, rim, and suspension. It's not totaled, but I'm nervous about keeping a car with a rebuilt suspension on 1 side. Thoughts?

    Replaced Parts:
    Inner tie rod
    Outer tie rod
    Steering knuckle

    Also, they have to pull the A pillar to repair the door hinges. Am I in trouble?

    photo (3).JPG photo (2).JPG
  2. I see no problem if it is fixed properly. A modern repair should be invisible to you once it is completed. Plus, you will have brand new stuff on the right side... what's not to like about that?
  3. That looks like MAJOR damage emotionally, but MINOR damage mechanically. The car will be 100% sound mechanically if they repair it properly.
  4. You'll be OK as long as it's done right ....