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  1. :( :( im not ever driving a rwd car ever again. not after wut happened on a gravel road near my school. i was making a right hand turn, fishtaled out, tires locked in hte turning right position, and they skipped a few times and hten got tracktion and i didnt have enough time to cut the wheel back b4 i obliterated my front right quarter panal on a telephone pole. i cant believe i was able to c my c my CAI from outside my car :( :damnit: :(
  2. If you think thats embarrassing, I did a 360 on a busy street right infront of my moms office! Luckily for me, no damage was done to the car. Whats bizarre is, the tires were new, so traction should have been good, gravels gravel, but this was a paved asphalt road! I made a right turn and fishedtailed it. It hadn't fished tailed in years since I've had super wide Kumho tires. But this time I did. I had to of been going like 10mph. I fishtailed right then left, before spining right again 360. I ended up in the grass. Luckily, no curb.

    I think the problem with the mustang is the fact that youve got that heavy engine in the front, and the powerful rwd in the back. Not much weight in the back. At work someone asked me what I owned. I told him a mustang, and he instantly said something bacd about its traction control.
  3. Maybe since I can actually drive my car I dont fishtail it unless I try to. So I dont know what you're complaining about.

    I can drive it in the rain, on gravel, on red dirt and do turns without ever loosing control over my car.

    Maybe you should get a FWD since RWD is just to complicated for you.

    And obviously since you didnt have time to correct your front wheels (because its hard for me to believe they "locked" up) you were either being stupid and TRYING to fishtail the car or you have the reaction time of a sloth.
  4. I think driving lessons are more needed than FWD
  5. I agree. Learn to drive the car. Aparently it was too much for you to handle. :rolleyes:

    Oh, before I forget.....smooth move ex lax.
  6. It seems to me that you don't have the reaction time to drive a RWD car. OR you can't tell when it is starting to slide.
  7. I dont think i have traction control
  8. fwd's are harder to drive on gravel, i can drive my stang on the about 1 mile gravel road to my house at like 60, but one time i took my step moms honda civic si out and at 40 i hit a bump and there was no saving it starting spinning aorund at least 3 times till i sled into a corn field.... the worst part was my dad seeing all the spin out marks in the road...
  9. from what hes said, i think he just overcorrected his steering too much. i know its hard to think fast once your car is starting to lose control, but the best thing to do is just floor it and gain traction that way. if you have no driving skills at all, best thing to do is just brake and let your car spin out.

    and how did BABS get a CT? just wondering.
  10. apparently those of us who haven't screwed up are driving experts (knock on wood).

    I drive my supercharged stang back and forth to work all the time in the rain/sleet/snow what have you. I've never had a problem unless a deer runs out in front of me and I lock the brakes (no ABS).

    Everyone has done stupid mistakes, once you hit puberty, you'll suddenly learn to drive better
  11. my car has fishtaled a couple times but ive learned to controll it, alotta screwing around in parking lotts and empty streets has helped, but the best plan for me seems to be letting off the gas right as your back gets out from underneath you, then the back tires catch right away and you can fix your turn ealily.
  12. I mistyped a title, and I was questioning adult smarts.
  13. yeah, u just have to make an ass of yurself to get one, or piss of a mod
  14. Who are we talking about here? BABS is a guy. :shrug:
  15. I agree... you could consider taking some lessons on driving and emergency situations etc.... Sorry about your accident.

    On the other side of the coin, this week we had a snow storm here in Colorado. I saw 3 Mustangs (really... all of them Mustangs) stuck on the same highway going up a hill because they had no traction. Hazard lights on completley given up... as I roll by with my FWD roller skate (Daewoo) with worn front tires.

    RWD is great if you know how to drive it, but don't expect traction in slick conditions. Light Car + RWD + ICE = Bobsled.
  16. I've never had any problems with my car unless I floor it when I'm trying to make a U-turn or something. Every now and then my tires will spin a little when it has been raining heavily, but that's it.

  17. To add:

    vehicle + RWD or FWD or AWD + idiot driver + normal conditions = deathtrap
  18. Seems like the car was driving you, you were'nt doing any driving or that wouldn't have happened...
  19. I dont know if everyones talking smack about me, or the thread starter, or both of us, but from what JDM said, I think thats what I did, overcorrect my steering. Flooring it while out of control, though may be the right thing to do, is just not what a person thinks about during something like that.

    To everyone else, I've owned this car for 5 years. I've only fishedtailed back in the 20th century when I had normal tires. And even then, I never lost control during it.
  20. I never really fishtail, however, i do tend to have a VERY hard time stopping once I get going, hence, my ditch diving accident, and my rear ender were both locked up brakes.