accufab TB, GT40/Victor/Brodix heads, N20, SVO R351, Vortec YSI, 83# injtr 306engine

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  1. **edited** ive edited this entire post, i cant do the title, the heads GT40/Victor/brodix are sold, Vortech, n2o is sold, r351 block is sold and the injectors are sold. here is a list of everything i currently have up for sale...

    Set of eight (8) Jesel Exhaust rockers for use in Brodix canton valve type head
    these were used on an engine on our engine dyno for less then an hour.
    stamped number on the bottom is CQGR70
    $email me


    hitachi Racing Starter SBFord 221-351w PP102


    stock used parts:
    1996-1998 Ford Mustang DOHC 4v Cobra 8 bolt flywheel Used, Nodular OEM, part # RF-F6ZR-6380-BB $100


    Ford 306CI longblock: pictures show valve covers, intake and oil pan, DOES NOT INCLUDE VALVE COVERS, INTAKE, OILPAN OR PICKUP)
    It does include the timing cover, harmonic balancer, and flexplate.

    Rods: stock ford

    Pistons: Probe flattop pistons

    Bolts: ARP

    Cam: Elgin Industries (see specs below)

    Heads: World Products Heads (p/n 710032 casting number I-057 W J/R) See tech specs below.
    (according to World Products they are the same casting as the Iron windsor jr heads they currently list on their site, but they are aluminum)

    Head Technical Specs:
    Casting ID Number: I-058
    Material: aluminum
    Valve Seats: Intake (integral), exhaust (hardened)
    Valve Guides: Integral cast iron
    Spring Seats: Machined for 1.560" and 1.250"
    Valves: Manley stainless steel valves in assemblies (inconel exhaust valves on marine applications)
    Valve Diameter: 1.940" intake, 1.600" exhaust (11/32" stem)
    Guide Plates: Special World part #830460-8
    Rocker Arm Studs: Screw-in style
    Rocker Arms: Adjustable rockers recommended. 1.6 ratio (use of 1.73 ratio will require elongation of pushrod holes)
    Intake Runner: 180cc, standard port location
    Exhaust Ports: 64cc, standard location (dual exhaust bolt pattern to accommodate large custom headers)
    Combustion Chamber: 58cc
    Spark Plug: 14mm 5/8" .460" reach tapered style
    Valve Job: Multi-angle intake and radiused exhaust
    Valve Cover Rail: Raised
    Valve Angle: Stock 20°
    Accessory Bolt Holes: Stock
    50-State Emissions legal
    Spring Specs
    1.250": 100 lbs. @ 1.810", 300 lbs. @ 1.250", coil bind @ 1.200", max lift @ .570"
    1.437": 125 lbs. @ 1.810", 340 lbs. @ 1.210", coil bind @ 1.160", max lift @ .600"
    1.550": 200 lbs. @ 1.900", 480 lbs. @ 1.200", coil bind @ 1.150", max lift @ .700"
    Head Flow @ .600 Lift
    236 intake, 169 exhaust (Super Flow 1050)
    254 intake, 176 exhaust (Super Flow 600)

    COMP RATIO 9.8
    hp 380 @ 6200
    tq 334 @ 5100
    (put a good intake and good exhaust and you should see 400 no problem)

    All heads flowed with a standard .750" intake plate, without exhaust tube, and 28" of water.

    Cam Details E-1018-P:
    Range Part Number Direction Cam Int Valve Int Advdur Int Timdur Int Open Int Close Int Overlap Lash Int Center Int Cyl Footnote
    C E-1018-P INT .318 .509 300° 222° 5° BTC 37° ABC 79° HYD 107° 8
    EXH .332 .532 309° 232° 55° BBC 3° BTC 117°
    here are some pictures. again, intake, oilpan/pickup, and valve covers do not come with the engine.


    Pontiac 400
    Forged TRW pistons pn# L2262 040
    all new rings/bearings/freeze plugs
    tq plate
    neoprene rubber rear main seal

    block date code: J193 (Oct 19, 1973)
    ring dimensions:5/16, 5/64, 3/16
    dome shape: flat; 4 reliefs
    compression dist.: 1.714
    deck clearance.021
    press type pin
    .0020 skirt clearance
    your head cc = compression ratio
    69.0 = 10.28
    72.0 = 9.98
    87.0 = 8.74
    96.0 = 8.14
    111.0 = 7.33
    114.0 = 7.19




    M-9933-A50 1986-93 Mustang
    This gasket is manufactured with a 67mm bore diameter to accommodate the Ford Racing 65mm throttle body and EGR spacer. Fits between the throttle body and spacer.
    $5.00 (i have 2 of these)

    M-9464-A50 - Ford Racing Intake Manifold Gaskets Details
    This gasket is manufactured with a larger 70mm bore diameter to accommodate the Ford Racing 65mm throttle body and EGR spacer. Fits between EGR spacer and intake manifold. If you have ever tried to modify the production gasket to fit a larger spacer, you will truly appreciate these pieces.
    $5.00 (i have 3 of these)

    $30.00 (i have 2 of these)


    Vortech Metal Idler Pulley (2 1/2")
    Replacement Idler Pulley used in Vortech Supercharger Kits.
    Pulley is used in the following vehicles:
    1996-1999 Ford Cobra with 4.6L
    1997-2002 Ford Truck with 4.6L
    1994-2001 Acura Integra with 1.8L
    1999-2000 Honda Civic SI

    4FA116-023 Vortech IDLR ASY, 8RIB X 6" ALUM $124.95


    Includes: 12 J Bends / 1 Pr Flanges / 1 Pr Weld On Spike Collectors / A-b Tabs, Bolts
    2-- collector 2" primaries 3 1/2 collector (p/n 9036)
    12 -- J bend tubing - 2" J bend 18gauge .049"
    8 -- individual flanges for 4V ford
    8 -- weld on A-b tabs with bolts.


    stock LT1 parts:
    lt1 intake with injectors $150
    lt1 throttle body $50


    TCI Ford Small block flexplate
    11.5" bolt pattern 164 tooth.
    Code: 529620
    This is a brand new flexplate, was bolted to a motor but never started. No wear on the teeth at all.
    For Ford applications, TCI® OEM-style small block flexplates are constructed to precise standards and are SFI 29.1 approved. Built extra-thick with welds on both sides of the ring gear, these flexplates are precision-balanced and checked for runout.
    11.5" Bolt Pattern, 164-Tooth 50 oz. BALANCE

    new from tci they sell for $91.73

    will take $75 for it.

    Innovators West
    Product Information
    Mod Motor Ford - 8-Rib Drive - 18% Overdrive

    The 18% overdrive dampner generally requires the use of an aftermarket water pump in some applications. Clearance of 4.140" from the center of the crank is needed. A remote mount pump, electric pump or electric pump with small diameter idler (Meziere WP347) is suggested.

    The "Mod Motor" dampners are designed to fit 4.6L 2V, 3V and 4V motors as well as 5.4L 2V motors.

    Weight - 8.4#
    Diameter - 7.75"


    all parts located in Plainfield IL
    email for more info/pics etc.
    [email protected]


  2. Will the vortec supercharger fit a 97 cobra? thanks
  3. it will bolt up yes, this is the race version of the v7 ysi, also, this is only for the head unit.
  4. hi do you the vortech coolant crossover tube.
  5. nope. only have the stuff thats listed
  6. ive updated the thread a little. let me know if your interested in any of it.
  7. let me know if your interested in any of this. ill make a deal on any of it.

    the shortblock w/heads if you want a complete running long block let me know, i can finish this it with whatever intake pan pickup valve covers you want, ill make you a deal on those parts too. i can meet or beat the major parts catalogs prices on parts. let me know.
  8. added some more parts to the original post. also removed the sold stuff.
  9. updated the post again removed and added some parts.
  10. friday bump!!
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