Acetone (A mustang's best friend)

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  1. We're all probably killing the the spotted owl mesquitto flea or something, by burning acetone in the tank.
  2. That stuff is $15 dollars a gallon!
  3. I added it tonight to the minivan, 2 oz per 10 gallons. My digital mileage gauge read 28.8 mpg after a short 12 mile drive. About 2-4 more mpg than usual, however, I'll report back when the whole tank is emptied.
  4. I too am curious about if this is a good thing to do. I'm worried about internal damage or something. The fuel here in Iowa has 10% ethanol in it. Would this be similar to running ethanol or would this work completely different? All I have ever heard is ethanol really makes you get worse mileage. But everyone around here buys it b/c it's 10 cents cheaper. Would it be a really bad thing to add the acetone into the ethanol blended fuel? I'm just afraid to try the acetone only to find out that it causes damage and will be costing me money in repairs. My 99 Ranger gets about the same mileage as my 5.0. If running some acetone would get me 3-4mpg more safely I would run it in my tank.
  5. One of the articles linked talks about ethanol. I think they said acetone has less of an effect if there is ethanol present.
  6. i saw that too....from what i can tell it is true
  7. Also, while ethanol theoretically reduces demand on oil, it also reduces our gas mileage, so how much is it really benefitting?
  8. holy cow I can't believe this thread, thats asesome! i've never heard of putting acetone in your gas tank, haha i should try it in my daily driver- 2000 honda civic and try get 40 miles to gallon instead of 32,..i think i'd rather wait first and see if any problems turn out..
  9. It's a honda... whaddya got to loose? :D
  10. true that! :D
  11. ethanol sucks, it is killing my fuel mileage on my maxima and it should be getting around 25 mpg. i need acetone
  12. REPORT: I calculated I had 13.5 gallons of gas in my tank. I added 4oz of acetone to it.
    My gas mileage reading at the start was 22.7 mpg.
    I drove my car approx. 15 miles and when I got home it was already reading 23 mpg exactly!
    Some might say that I was trying to save gas but the things is I was ALREADY trying to save gas and could never break 22.8 mpg.
    I'll update when I drive alot more miles...
    Acetone = :nice:
  13. A bit too early I think to get too excited. It's only been 15 miles and just .2 mpg increase. See what happens over the entire tank of fuel. If you see a 3-4 or more mpg increase I would say it's probably due to the acetone.
  14. So I just watched mythbusters on TV, they did the acetone deal, and reported WORSE fuel milage by adding acetone, busted.... and even if it did work, I saw a gallon of acetone go for $17, thats not really saving. But on a good note, they took used cooking oil from a burger joint and ran it in a diesel car avg. 30mpg :)
  15. Well, I'd like to see what strength of acetone mythbusters was using. 1 oz. too much and you can get worse gas mileage than before acetone. And different vehicles apparently have slightly different needs. I'm showing a 2 mpg improvement so far on the first tankful. I'm driving an 05 Town and Country minivan. I'm at 24.6 mpg in a 4300 lb vehicle, not too bad.
  16. Also, I don't plan on trying it in my Mustang since it's been tuned. Not sure how it would behave at WOT. I'd like to know what it does to the Air/Fuel ratio. It would be nice if someone had wideband or something to track the air/fuel ratio differences.
  17. Which episode was that? I mean... do you remember what number it was? I missed it and can't find it on their silly site.
  18. I'm really thinking of trying this also.. If I could get over 200 miles to a tank in the city (I never drive on the interstate) I would be happy! I can get 200 miles to a tank in the city if I run it on fumes before I get to the gas station and put in 15.5 gallons LOL
  19. Well, I can't say what episode it was, but I'm sure it will be repeated this week, and also they said the reason you think you are getting better gas milage with acetone is because you change your diriving habits, which you should be doing in the first place to save fuel. But hey don't flame me :D It was mythbusters that busted the myth.
  20. i made sure that i was not changing my driving habits when i tested out the acetone and i got 25mpg consistantly as opposed to 21.5 without it (1oz/10gal). i drive 90% freeway at 75. on my last tank, however, i did not go above 65 and i got 26.94mpg.... so lets just say 27mpg. so if it is just a mental thing and i'm changing my driving habits, i don't care, because my gas mileage has increased significantly.