Acetone (A mustang's best friend)

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  1. And where the heck are you people buying it for 15+ bucks a gallon? It costs 3-5 bucks at every hardware store around here for a gallon.
  2. Home Depot has it for 13 dollars i think...

    I added 2.5 oz to a full tank, and my mileage went up .1 mpg. Thats too little to attribute to the acetone. I'm going to try it again, this time adding more.
  3. 15 bucks @True Value.
  4. $13/gallon at Autozone down here.
  5. Hey sunil,

    Less is sometimes more. Try only 2 oz. or 1.5 oz per 10 gallons if 2.5 was not doing it. My guess is if you didn't see a change with 2.5 oz., it was either a change in driving or probably too much acetone.
  6. I sense an Ebay opportunity here...Buy it cheap there and sell it all over the place...:D
  7. exactly. i'm getting great results with 1.5 oz per tank (1oz per 10 gal). i'm going to run a few tanks without it and then post m results.
  8. I'll try it. I'm gonna fill it up today or tomorrow. I'll repost my results with the 1.5 oz per full tank.

    Also, like it was mentioned above, all the stations up here in mass have gone to 10% ethanol. I think that seems to be the trend in the country...
  9. does anyone have any horsepower gains do to the cooler running engine? i might try it in the GT but not the Cobra. aint replacing an engine to try to save a dollar. lol
  10. Now that it's mentioned, I've noticed my mileage starting to dip, as well. No codes, no change in running, but it's about that time of year when all the gas stations are switching from MTBE to 10% ethanol blend, so I guess that might explain it.

    What the heck, I may just try this acetone thing for the heckuvit and see if it helps offset the ethanol factor...
  11. hmm. in scottsdale, at the quick trips where i fill up, they say that the gas contains up to 10% ethanol from october through may. is anyone else opposite like this?
  12. Hmm, didn't hear about this before, but it looks like there is an additive MTBE that was contaminating wells in Maryland (probably other states too) and EPA is banning it down the road. Looks like oil companies are scared of lawsuits to come, so are deciding to switch now to ethanol as a replacement additive instead of waiting for the EPA imposed date.
  13. Yeah, CA is one of the states that decided to phase methyl tertiary butyl ether out over, I dunno, a 10 year period or something. Gas prices immediately went up when the news broke of the plan because a replacement "would cost more." Yeah right, they're still using MTBE right how did the "relacement" make fuel more expensive? :fuss: To add insult to injury, CA is the leader in fascist smog laws, yet only one public station in the whole state sells E85.

    Anyway, enough politics. I tried ~2 oz. of acetone per tank for a couple fillups in my SVO and did not see a big enough change to credit to acetone. It fluctuates between 22 and 24mpg anyway and I never exceeded 23.5. However, that is pathetic economy for a 2.3T anyway. I have no idea how many sensors are FUBARed or wires are iffy, so I'm going to baseline my '94 Toyota P/U commuter and try it in that .
  14. I remember when I first posted about this in the gas tanks people thought I was crazy. Even on my local club forums everyone thought I was crazy.
  15. Thank our Government for requiring gas be blended differently (with ethanol) to decrease emissions. I wonder if this works out mathematically.......
    Same volume of fuel+decreased fuel efficiency=lower emissions in the long run???
  16. I think I might have to bail you out along with Daggar!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Errr, wait. I think I had it backwards. Our pumps in AZ should be switching to the MTBE stuff by now. That is, of course, unless maybe we'd only gotten a little bit of the summer blend stuff before the stations went back to ethanol winter blend because of the current gas price crunch...?
  18. can you put that in any car? I have a wranlger that get 17 mpg on the highway and am dying for more.
  19. Give it a try.

    I drove to Long Island this week. I tried 1.5oz to 10 gallons. I got 175 miles on a half a tank before the [email protected]@king traffic.
    On the way back I filled up in NJ added the acetone- I have 285miles on the tank and have 1/8th of the tank left.
  20. So that's, what, ~21mpg?