ACS Racing in Hanover, MA

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  1. Guys/Girls -

    Just want you to know what a couple of CROOKS Al and Scott are over at ACS Racing. Stay away from these two no matter what!! Not only did they overcharge for work done that resulted in my engine blowing up twice, but they also charged me for parts that were never put in my car, but listed on the invoice. Not only that, I still have yet to receive back alot of my spare parts, which add up to quite a bit of $. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but when I got a call from the guy I sold my D&D Ford/Viper T-56 to explaining to me that he had been on the phone with D&D confirming that my tranny was a regular T-56 (which costs about $1500 less), I simply lost it!! These guys were supposed to order me a Viper T-56, it's listed on the invoice, I paid them for a Viper T-56, and these two crooks knowingly slipped in a D&D T-56. This wasn't the only parts that they claimed were one thing and turned out to be another (listed J&E Pistons originally, after the motor blew up the second time, found out they were DSS pistons).

    Point is - spread the word - these two should not be in business!!
  2. Sorry to hear about it Steve. There really are alot of crooked people out there.But there are some really honest people also. Years ago I got screwed on my dyno time by Cape Cod Dyno. I rented the machine for a couple of hours along with one of my buddies. We dyno'ed his first and then mine. I got in seven pulls and in between pulls I was doing my own tuning. I played with Two 4bbl carbs and my timing. I didn't pick up anything nor did I lose. The car was right on the tune before it even hit the rollers. My buddies S/C 93 cobra picked up 30 h.p. The whole time we were doing this the owner was in the other room selling house carpets. He had two businesses in the same building. When it came time to get all of my graphs he came out and printed them up. He screwed them up. I got my buddies torque graphs with my h.p. readings on the same sheet and every sheet we got was screwed up.We even got someone elses readings also. Even the air fuel ratio charts. Both my buddy and I were not happy and asked if he would straighten them out.He said no. The charts are important because you can analyze them to find your shift points and the area under the curve.You can also learn alot more by them. Just by looking at the graphs. Needless to say we both were pretty pissed off. So we payed the guy and left. I didn't bad mouth the guy but I never recomended him to anybody period. He didn't last long as he folded up the business a short time later. I guess the carpet business is a better alternative.
  3. Yeah ACS are pricks...i was warned about a year ago here on stangnet to stay away from them and i am glad that i did.
  4. LXfive0, i think i was there when they were doing your car is it yellow gt??i took my car there cause they were the only dyno around here i could go to , well my buddy with same car and MODS went there and put down 410 rwhp i went there and put down 318 rwhp ???WTF so the big fat guy there was like take the chip out of your computer and put a MSD DIS4 in to do yur timing the chip sux so i take it out and almost blew my motor up ... those guys dont know what the hell they are doing i spread the word a few years back i think i acutally told AJ99 here and some other people.. i stick to Doug Morgan in Holbrook , best labor rates around cheapest top notch work and i get all my parts back when i pick the car up casue stock parts are always worth something and he has some other members on here that are his custmers
  5. I'm surprized nobody's done something to those guys yet....They are the worst rip off artists around bar none! :notnice:

  6. I'll tell ya something Dave, I'm not usually a violent guy, but if I can't get any restitution back on the tranny from these crooks - I'm taking matters into my own hands. :chair:
  7. I've just started dealing with M.P.E Racing in Taunton for parts, and they came highly recommended. I've also seen some positive remarks about them in here too. Anyways.... they're in the process of setting up a dyno, supposed to be ready within a week. Chris, the parts guy is great. What I met of the techs there seemed to be dickheads with attitudes, but, hey... another dyno source!

  8. I live nearby, Chris seems cool. It would be nice to go to such a close dyno. HOWEVER, I cant beat where I am going now ($50 for a full hour of runs including A/F)

    ACS - I warned people about them and the burnt one of my plug wires while I was on their dyno. They pushed it against the header, then they said they could look at it for me.
  9. Hey Steve, those morons are still messing around with your car?

    ACS sucks. Their dyno day rates are insane and their attitude sucks goat nuts. I will never bring my car there again.

  10. MPE are good people, I bought JBA headers there for my 97 Thundebird (before I sold it) had it ordered and rushed for me and arrived, when promised. Good guys there,

  11. No way. I sent the car down to Laferriere's to be rebuilt after the last time the pistons melted. But Eric isn't much better in a business sense - he's had my car for a friggin' year and it's still not done!!

    Next time - screw rebuilds - I'm simply going to by that BMW M5 I've always wanted. :nice:
  12. The M5 is a sweet ride.

    If I had the Money I would have a M5, 04 Cobra, 04 Viper.