1. What did you all make on the ACT? :shrug: 28 Here.
  2. That was so 2 years ago... I cant remember :lol: Think I got a 21 on it... enough to get a 75% scholarship to almost any college in FL :banana: Thats all I cared about.
  3. i'm taking it in June. Any tips?
  4. Dunno if you are up for it? But I know that one of my friends took it and made a 21. Then she took one of those ACT prep courses and went to a 28. Some of them guarantee 6 points or your money back. :nice: Just a thought.
  5. I didn't have to take the ACT, but I scored 1320 on the SAT
  6. same here but i got a 1280
  7. yeah I never took the ACT either
    my SATs were 1220
  8. I think I got a 21, but it helped with absolutely nothing once I got outta highschool. All my friends that went to universities said it didn't help much, and with me going to wyotech, it def. did not do anything.

  9. I scored a 8. I am dumb :(


    I took the SAT got a 1290.

  10. 1250 on the SAT!
  11. Just curious, but what percentiles do those scores equate to. I took em so long ago (back when dirt was being made) that I don't know what the scales are today.
  12. 25. Not too good at the reading, but math and sience were in the 30s.

  13. lets break it down some.. what did you get in reading, english, math, and the science sections of the ACT?

    eng: 17
    reading: 18
    math: 42
    science: 30 something

    Guess you can tell where my strong points are :)
  14. 27 with a hangover the day after Homecoming. Skipped some math. Fell asleep during reading. :rolleyes:
  15. Its on a 36 point scale so who knows how you pulled a 42 ;) hehe

    I think I was
    English (reading / grammar) - 28s
    Math 21?
    Science - 26

    I suck at teh knowledge tests..
  16. it goes to 36, so howd you get a 42?? i got a 26, i could care less though since im going to community college then transfering to Ohio State University, so i could have just not taken it and been fine.