"Actual" picture of car on lot--ha ha

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  1. Here is an 'actual' picture of a car on the lot.

    when will this come true?
  2. bah, you have to register to view the thread!! :(
  3. Pics from Bonosky Ford Western N Y

    Here are some shots I got tonite. I've got to edit them down to size. They are over a t brad's now.
  4. Rifleman

    You rascal, you beat me to it by a couple of days. That's OK, I see your a man of good taste as you & I got the same car. :D

    Tell us more, how much do you love it? :banana:
  5. That ones down the road just a bit from my dealer....But :D its due! Sonic Blue with dark charcoal.
  6. They've got them on lots here in Louisville.

    2005 Mustang Coupe GT
    VIN: 1ZVFT82H455100984



    Total MSRP:


    Features: Premium
    See Vehicle Details
    Eng/Trans: 4.6L 3V V8 / TR3650 5-Spd Man
    Colors: Ext: Torch Red / Int: Dk Charcoal w/Red Interior Color Accent
  7. Not funny. Especially since us here on the left coast will probably not see the new Stangs for another couple of weeks. Although there was a Ford Five Hundred with Michigan Manufacturer plates at my dealership today. A good sign me thinks :rolleyes: