Add me to the list... Ordered Procharger!

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  1. In preparation for FFW (Dallas and Houston), WFC and SEMA (Both of our vehicles will be in the Snap-On booth at SEMA), I got the system ordered. I think I am looking at the middle of June as far as receiving it goes. I can hardly stand the wait.



    FULL details on the project as well as the install, tuning, dyno, and RACE results will be posted at the following address... (NOT ONLINE yet)...

    More to come, I have a few that are going out VERY soon that I will be supporting, this data will be posted as well.


    BTW- Due to the fact that the latest version EEC Vs (And the car itself) is so new, I stuck with the BASE HO 3-core 9 PSI kit, as it is a daily driver. I am certain I will be happy with 11.60s, for a while anyway.

    As the R&D progresses, we will start doing the Stage II, Stage III, and RACE kits (Including D-1s and larger, more boost, as well as adding Snow Water/Methanol and / or Nitrous Oxide soon.

    We will find the breaking point so you don't have to... Some day. Heh!

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  2. You and me both Crash. Mine is due here about the same time :D Talk about wood!

  3. Yea.. me too.. mine should be here soon I think =-D.. hahaha
  4. Ya, about two and a half weeks before mine... DAMN... LOL!
  5. I'm looking forward to mine too. I love the one on my Chevelle! The folks over at ProCharger are great and I can't wait to try one out on my Mustang. If all goes well, mine will be making an appearance at SEMA too, I'll be releasing the renderings I did of it sometime in the coming months. I bet you're way psyched. I'll have a bit of a wait for mine, but I'm in no big rush.

  6. Goes out today, and should be there in 3-4 days.
  7. you rock crach.. thanks for hanging in their all the way =-)..
  8. Anyone got pics like Polk took of his Saleen s/c? I'd like to see all the pieces layed out like that for the Procharger. Saleen looks awesome, but I'm leaning toward Procharger, if I get boost. I just received their catalogue and fliers and they sell it well!

    Crash, any affiliation with Procharger?

    Anyone - how much $ and how long to do the install on these things?
  9. had ours on in less than 4 hours yesterday.
    Sweet kit , doing the tuner kit , going to use the Xcal 2 to log and tune it tomorrow.
  10. The Saleen is making power too. I will make some comparisons very soon, but I do know this, the BASE Procharger went 11.60s at 120 (9 PSI and stock suspension). We will be building cold air induction and heat extractors for the GT soon, so more power will be coming. THEN we will play with the tuner and RACE kits.

    Honestly? Yes. Prochrager, Saleen, and Roush TOP TIER, and for all other blowers too (Import and Domestic). I have been doing blowers, turbos, and Nitrous Oxide for EEC Vs since 99 (Car and truck). We specialize in blowers and turbochargers on Fords.

    Not here marketing, so out of respect for Mike, will have to take this type question offline. Install is 6-10 hours.

    More to come. We now have a couple installed and tuned. I am down after a surgery yesterday, but will post in a day or so and give you all the facts. I know know all the weak links of the 05 Mustang GT engine and drivetrain, after Procharging, turning up the wick, and abusing it! Good news, as this tells us when to STOP for the daily drivers... Hehe!

    Hint- The ENGINE is NOT what will fail first... :)

  11. I will never go away... But thanks for the compliments! I love this stuff too much.

    On that note, I want to hear experiences from ALL of you, no matter where the blower comes from or who tunes it. Procharger supplies a tuner, injectors and now a high volume pump. I notices the site now has higher numbers posted (Crank number).

    Bottom line? 11.60s at 9 PSI!
  12. OK. I will bite :) So what do you think will fail first ?

    Tranny ? or something else ?

  13. Yes I want to know too as I am getting ready to install the vortech kit very soon and use my car as a daily driver but don't abuse it...Atleast not yet =)
  14. Don't keep us hanging crash :)

  15. REMEMBER- Procharger has turned the wick WAYYYY UP durning R&D. Nothing unreliable will be released (Meaning the BASE kit). Tuner and RACE systems require engine and drivetrain mods for ALL blowers, along with perfect dyno tuning. Period. The RACE kit is capable of 800 HP!

    So, using street tires (They break loose before hard parts do), not abusing the clutch, (Power brakes and side stepping are BIG NO NOs!), and not driving with your hand on the shifter will preserve the drivetrain.

    LET THE BOOST DO THE WORK. You will NOT have to shift hard to go fast, I promise.

    No engine failures, and they have pushed over 540 at the crank (WELL above).

    After a MANY 11.60 THRASHINGS (I quote)...

    Two clutches, third gear blocker ring, and now a howl in the diff.

    Don't get me wrong, this is NOTHING like what you will get out of the box. I am talking FULL RACE tune, and HIGH boost.

    If you decide to upgrade the clutch, do NOT buy the 800 HP pieces. The friction materials are so tough they will EAT billet flywheels for lunch (From experience). Another tip is to keep the hydraulic slave bled regularly.
  16. Have you guy's with prochargers had any problems with drivability of the kit. Like the power coming on in mid range rpm or is there any low end power to
  17. Crash, what is your opion of the auto tranny and the power ? Have you have the ProCharger on an auto yet that have had access to ?

  18. You will have more bottom end than you can hook. This comes from experience. Hell, I can get loose in 2nd now.

    NO LAG. You will see gains before you see boost, but a centrifugal is more forgiving when launching.
  19. My experience is a 5-speed will run a second quicker with a good driver (1.2 seconds actually), all else identical. I have NO first hand experience with the AUTO GTs, but we rely on Gregg Evans (AKA Factory Tech). He engineered many of these trannys while working at FORD.

    We have pushed the F-150 to 508-620, so Monster Boxes were needed to replace the stock auto once 550 RW FT/LBS was attained. We blew OD clutches and ballooned converters first. Then we noticed the driveshaft bolts were shearing (ARP studs fixed that). Get a driveshaft loop (Required for 11s anyway)!

    I would suggest a Factory Tech valve body. Quicker shifts means less heat, and even stock will provide longevity. You can check availability for this trans at

    Tell Mike Dunn (AKA MadFerrari) Crash sent ya. He is Factory Techs #1 dealer, and sells ALOT of them.
  20. So a driveshaft loop and an upgraded valve body if I'm running a ProCharger on my GT with an auto? Or is this only for hard driving? My GT is my daily driver so I don't thrash on it much, but I know if I have a ProCharger, I'll want to run it at the track every now and then so I'd like to be safe and sure that nothing it going to break first time out.