Add me to the list... Ordered Procharger!

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  1. 1. So if we have an early kit, we can't get the new pump?

    2. If I run ~8psi (6000rpm limit) on the stock pump, will I be out of fuel? Is it maxed as in "dont go higher", or maxed as in "run lean up top"?

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  2. If you purchased a system in the EARLY production run, there is no automatic retrofit, however, you did not pay for one either. The price increased just after they realized they needed more fuel on top. Let me know if I can help with all this... I do see the light at the end of the tunnel... LOL!

    This is the scoop... We have a variable voltage fuel pump system. As demand increases, the voltage increases. Since we are supercharged, (Even before full boost), the fuel pump voltage will not provide enough fuel to support the blower.

    A module is now going to be included in the kit. It will be SIMILAR to the KB Boost A Pump (I believe it will be an MSD unit). Under load, it can supply up to 18v to the pump to increase volume. This type of controller kills standard return style 12v pumps, but works perfectly on a returnless system.

    Related documentation on Variable Voltage fuel pump controllers:

    Boost a Pump operation-

    Returnless fuel system... Boost a Pump theory of operation... SPECIFIC to the Cobra type returnless fuel systems (The same system is in our 05 GTs, and this includes the F-150 as well!).

    This I am certain will go away once the AFTERMARKET catches up with the new systems (Plugs and Pumps are our major roadblocks at this point in the game).
  3. Crash

    i understand, I really didn't expect it for free. What i meant, was can I get the upgraded pump from them at all? I would assume there is a different tune for the kits w/ a pump and without, will that be available as well?

    I dont expect a free upgrade, but the kit was said to be safe. If this has been found to be different, I would like to change that.

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  4. I understand. Yes, I am sure I can get the pump or module (I believe the module is what you will get since I am told they are including it in the kits now).

    I will call on that. More to come.
  5. Crash,

    Thanks for looking into this. My kit will be here on the 12th.

    So I dont need a new pump, just the module?

    Also, what else is different on the first gen kits? I know my intake tubing is different, it has a filter near the brake fluid resivior.

    Please keep me updated,

    thanks again,

  6. God it's good to get blown again. It has been months since my last blow job!



    Install was flawless. This is the most well engineered Procharger system I have EVER installed. I am in the middle of tuning and will take a road trip to Dallas over the weekend, so I will be broken in, tuned, and mashin the LOUD PEDAL soon!

    I LOVE blow-thru MAF setups! It is LOUD AS HELL. You can even hear the blower whine through it too at cruise! Heh! I cannot wait to go WFO!

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  7. great news Crash.

  8. Thanks for the update crash! Congrats, enjoy!
    I'll give you a call. I want to go ahead and order my kit within
    a week or so, I'm just hesitant, because I'm more of a low rpm
    driver so I wanted some on-tap power that I figured the whipple or saleen might be significantly better (but I dont know)?

    How does it feel down low? How long does it take to install? Is it something a novice could do, or should I take it to a good shop?

    Can't wait to hear about your experience with it.
  9. Don't see that as an issue. I had traction problems before the blower... Now it will be retarded... LOL!

    If you need any info on the quality or fit and finish, I can say this is the best kit Procharger has produced, and we have installed MANY MANY (Along with EVERY OTHER brand)! Hell, I have USED a Roots, Procharger and a Turbocharger all on the same platform (4.6 5-speed).

    I can tell you how each act and the pros and cons of each.

    [email protected]
  10. Whipple has not released the system yet, and it looks like Winter before they do. I have little detail on the subject, but much to do with Lysholm production after fitting the GT. The Shelby GT 500 was to get a SCREW, but will now be Roots equipped due to this.

    The Saleen or Roush are the positive displacement choices. Good stuff too. I know from experience though, they ARE more efficient on top than a Roots, but at redline or shift point, the Procharger graph will still be climbing.

    Sal and I will compare notes (He has the Saleen on his), but REMEMBER, I am in TEXAS, he is in Jersey (I am certain is is much cooler and dryer there).
  11. turrizt = email ([email protected]) or pm crash from .. I did a plenty of scouting and he was the one I got the best deal from, but the service is the best.. how many places do you know that will call you when you install it and check up to see if you have any issues or questions..long distance! haha.. Anyway I to am just waiting to get the tune on my prochager and even without the tune it feels good.. I will post some info for you guys later. blown and yellow.. what more can you ask in life? :nice:
  12. To be blown and BLACK!!! Hehe!


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  13. haha.. this thread can go sooo many places right now.. but I will let it go.. haha.. Nice new wheels!! should go black though :hail2:

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  14. What is that light on the fender for???
  15. !

    The Daylighter is 380,000 CP spot with a 4 mile range.

    The point? TAKEDOWN and High speed driving... If there were even a chance you would stand on the LOUD PEDAL, of even a STOCK GT (I promise you your STOCK GT you will not be shut-down at any speed less than 151 or 152, open up your STOCK GTs, now I KNOW some of you go WFO out of ths shop, and it's ALWAYS gonna happen.

    So? Wouldn't you to be able to see 4 miles ahead of you? Trust me, there are codes outthere that remove the governor, and drag limit the car. It gets scarier the more you think about it (An inside scoop), knowing that wind and other small land based obstacles DO have something to think about. A conscious, deliberate stomp is a DECISION followed by a thought. during my breakin period. My radar/laser detector paid for itself once again. Heh!

    HAVE WAXED AFTER THE OIL CHANGE... An old back open road and my dogma ran over my Kharma. I cannopt imagine what the RACE setup would be like in this car, and again scary. A definiite "Take time to go back to basics or die. I commend SCT for their excellent support. Thanks to Jerry for getting his hands dirty.... Thanks!

    After my latest testdrive the 500 mile mark quickly passed. Oil is changed in the blower. All systems check. Fasteners. Check (AGAIN, but do it) is Pull from the station toward the entrance ramp. Eager but a bit anxious, I pass the point of no return. I set the cruise and the Procharger After only 2 days on the road, just listening to that OPEN BYPASS AND EXHAUST and tryin to restrain myself as best i could. Pull in the driveway and change the oil.
    Thats's it. WFO???

    Oh HELL no... More to come as I get the feel for THIS... Octane? PuMP 93 in it.just to cover my anatomy... This thing is just all the aural and the viceral feelings, just like the BIG BLOCK days, a quick thought I wished I had been born EVEN a 2 DECADES later...

    A VORACIOUS BEAST THAT MUST be tamed. It is pretty damn loud too. BOV AND compressor whine.

    Update... I have taken this car highest load (Loud Pedal, and I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED. Beware... This system has drivability, but this setup in a 4.6 5-Speed, I assure you when you go WFO, the car will stand up a foot above the tires, just like the good old days...

    BAD.ASS (Pronounced BAD dot ASS). It is SICK fast.
  16. I CAN say that it is CERTAINLY obvious on a test drive (Our experience on the dyno has proven the Roots/Screw to make more power in only the lowest 500-750 RPM by superimposing a Procharger graph so we can show them on TOP of each other and SEE. and THAT part of the powerband (SHIFTpoint or REV-Limit), goes away VERY quickly when Procharged). This thing is really savage on demand, however, when driven normally, has perfect manners, best thing yet is NO drop in Trip Fuel Economy. I will just have to moderate... LOL!

    The best link I have to my experience... At least 2-300 RWHP GAINS depending on the system. Try knocking the ET off your stock GT by FOUR seconds... Procharger has a STRONG following, and they are responding with complely redesigned systems that are so complete, you need NO OTHER BOX or a dyno nearby!

    Trucks, yes. 2 Valve PI heads, YES. even worse the 4.6 has a monstrous spider intake and an IMTV so it can switch between dual and SINGLE plane on demand. The 5.4 trucks get a single plane OE, and well, you know the Lightning cobra setup. INSTANT LINEAR POWER!

    PROCHARGED 5-speed GT... (9 PSI tuner kit). WFO, but from a 5 roll in first, just singin the tires, then hitting 2nd and feeling a politely violent body stand. NICE stand UP, it pins me to the roof, and less than HALF THROTTLE in second... You can count on a POWERSLIDE to near redline. Too much smoke and noise for comfort in a small town, much less a WOT 2-3 shift that would have only brought me completely around...

    (I am Remote this week, needed some adrenaline therapy and to see my baby girl Lauren).

    Service? 10 min oil change performed at 11:00 PM of the nite I arrived. Piece of cake. Comin in, I was so wired I didn't sleep ANYway!
  17. Noob Salutes You

    So, who wants a 40K+ GT-500 now?
  18. i need to quit readin this, all my money that i was savin my big turbo/head/cams for my srt-4 will be going to the GT next summer when i get it. yeah yeah i know 4 banger, but hey its cheap and fast.
  19. That is exactly what I am thinking. I was set on the Saleen unit but now really thinkin about the Procharger.
  20. The only thing the GT500 has going for it is the 5.4L engine. I really don't see that being worth an extra 12K+ compared to a nice GT.

    Besides if you blow up the 4.6L with a ProCharger, then you have an excuse to rebuild your 4.6L with a few "extra" mods. :nice: