Add signature to my posts?

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  1. How can I add a sig to my posts? I don't see an option for that where the avatar and other CP options are.

  2. Up top click "User CP" then over to the left side bar click "Edit signature"
  3. S'not there. (see attached)

    Could it be my noob status causing me this pain??

    Or the establishment, trying to hold the working man down?

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  4. We inhibit signatures until someone reaches "official" status or inquires otherwise. It's an effort to prevent spam, nothing more. You should be set now, mate. Let me know if not.
  5. Thanks!! :nice:
  6. I have the same signature request. Can u help?
  7. Try now. :)
  8. Got it. Thanks!
  9. *cough*those signature thingys sure must be nice... ;) *cough* :D
  10. Give it a shot now. ;)
  11. how many posts until im granted signature privileges?
  12. You're set now.
    We keep the threshold out there to combat spammers, but when I see someone asking, bam, it's done manually for him/her. :)
  13. *cough*canihaveasignatureplease*cough*

  14. Done!
  15. sig

    can I get a signature too? Been trying to figure this out myself =)
  16. Done deal.
  17. sig request por favor
  18. I thought I had a sig here. Guess not can you enable it please
  19. Done & done.