Added 20hp with C&L combo! Dyno results here

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stylin99, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. yea that would help for sure..your MAF should have corrected your A/F ratio though..
  2. i'm lazy to read the posts but I wonder how much gains you'll see with a tune...
  3. C&L inlet tube vs CAI

    I don't get it. Everyone seems to think that the C&L inlet tube is a great mod. Everyone was ragging on CAI pipes being made of metal and conducting heat into the intake air. The C&L inlet tube will do the same thing. Am I missing something? :shrug:
  4. I put the C&L MAF (85mm) on my car last night.. and drove it for a good 30 minutes... I couldnt tell any difference.. but then again.. my A/F ratios were dead on and I know with being naturally aspirated.. Im sure and hell not pegging the meter..

    I just wasted 270 bucks!!

    I would say unless your running rich!! or a power adder, this may not help you!! or at least it didn't help me!!
  5. 24 runs on a dyno!!!!!! Stylin99 you're my hero. Thanks for all of this info and any that follows. :nice:
  6. What about the Plenum and T/B? That is probably where your bottleneck is.
  7. I got a dragon Plenum and a 75mm Throttle body (accufab) I didn't feel crap.. what gives..

    Thinking about sending it back.. I just though I would see a difference.. but nothing happened..

    Sorry for hi-jacking the thread!! :owned: but is my thinking correct.. if my a/f ratios are dead on.. and im not pushing so much power that my meter is to small. then my stock one is fine..

    even if I got 5-7 HP I would keep it. but my car was feeling slower!! :shrug:
  8. I really don't want to hear this! I just dropped $750 for all this stuff! :bang: But I'm going to install it anyway and if the dyno says it wasn't worth it, I'll ... I don't know what I'll do! I'll probably take them off and hold onto them until after the headswap. If they still don't help, then I'll sell them on ebay, I guess.

    BTW, how do you know your A/F ratios are on?
  9. well the plenum and t/b I felt instantly.. and it takes alot for my SOTP meter to work.. I could really believe I got more then 15 hp from them.

    the only reason I think im not running rich is because i had a chip made and my tuner said I was pretty much dead on, but he made just alittle adjustments and he said they were dead on.. now that was before the plenum and throttle body but it seems like my computer would of adjusted.. i felt alot more power days later.. as if it took some adjustments by computer to get the maximum results
  10. the accufab plenum has the most gains i hear. i'll be more than likely running the accufab plenum, 75mm tb with the c&l pipe after I do the head swap.

  11. Just a few posts back you said you didn't feel any difference with the plenum/TB. Which is it?

    Did you do a before and after dyno?
  12. Highroller: "I got a dragon Plenum and a 75mm Throttle body (accufab) I didn't feel crap.. what gives.."

    I do not have any experience with the dragon but we have sold quite a few of C&L's plenum and several Accufabs too and we have had sooooo many responses back about the improvement both dyno tested and SOTP. Have you checked your car for codes... just thinking something is up.
  13. Sorry for the confusion, I made a post saying I wasn't feeling crap after I put the 85 MAF on.. then Black96VertGT asked what Plenum and T/B do I have.. so I started the next post telling him which one... and went back into the complaining... :nonono:

    Either way, I can't be sure if the MAF really didn't do anything for my car, it could be a mod that gives 1-2 HP.. there is no way I can tell untill I get it on the Dyno.. (which won't be for a long time) Im going to start a new thread concering the MAF, I don't want to Hijack this thread more then I already have!!

    I can say that you will feel the difference with the Plenum and throttle body!!! On a side note.. who wants to buy a C&L 85mm MAF? :shrug:
  14. aftermarket maf's dont' do a whole lot for 02+ models (since I believe ford started putting 85mm MAF's in) I can't speak from experience though, just from what I've heard from other's results.

    What I CAN tell you is that the GT's from 96~01 DO gain a considerable amount of power from a larger MAF. When I put the denscharger and 80mm C&L maf on my car, I noticed a substancial power gain and can only imagine it becoming that much more effective after a higher flowing TB and plenum are added.

    All this stuff works as a team and you might not notice a difference from 1 or two of them but with all of them working together, the results are awesome.
  15. 02 and higher come with a 80mm MAF
  16. I have a 2001.5 and thought I had an 80mm and that 2002+ had 85mm :scratch:

  17. 80mm for all years
  18. My stock MAF was an 80mm too... :rolleyes:
  19. Can I expect (or at least hope for) similar gains on my 1996 GT? Or are the heads the bottleneck and therefore the gains shouldn't be as significant (until the headswap is done)?

    Even the 1996 has an 80mm MAF stock? Even so, it is still better to replace it with then C&L one, right?

    My stuff is supposed to come today:

    C&L Mass Air Kit with K&N and True-Flow Pipe
    C&L Plenum with AccuFab T/B
  20. Since the heads aren't capable of flowing as well as PI heads there isn't as much potential for increase, but you may still see something. I got an extra 30HP by swapping out my H-pipe and that was with stock heads and intake. :nice: