Added 20hp with C&L combo! Dyno results here

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stylin99, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Hey Steve,
    Glad to see another satisfied C&L customer......... Lee Bender has got to be one of my favorite Mustang people in the world. :nice:
    We purchased a C&L 80mm MAF kit about two years ago for about $260.00. They didn't offer any of the downstream plumbing (ie- plenum) for an '01 Cobra- just the MAF, the big-azz K&N filter, and a heat shield...... took about 15 minutes to yank the factory setup and install everything.
    :shrug: :rolleyes: :D

    With only the factory MAF setup, a DiabloSport 4-bank chip and a set of Steeda UDP's we dynoed at 286.0 RWHP/ 293.7 TQ with a JerryW laptop tune- up in HP from an original baseline pull of 273.3 RWHP/ 303.3 TQ.
    or about 13 RWHP increase above baseline..... not too bad.

    We then made a pull with the C&L in place of the factory MAF.......... absolutely NO other changes......... and promptly recorded a 299.0 RWHP/ 305.1 TQ sheet, while the A/F reading held b/w 13.8- 14.1 at WOT....... an ADDITIONAL 13 RWHP. So we picked up 26 RWHP and a couple of ft. lbs. of torque with 3 bolt-ons that certainly seem to work very well when used in the proper combination....... and we haven't even TOUCHED the exhaust ............ yet.

    I always felt that the C&L stuff worked magic on the 4v motors........ glad to see that somebody has figured out the 2v setup, too..... GOOD JOB !!

    I know that lots of folks are Pro-M advocates, and that's fine............ whatever works for YOU- do it. But I'd think twice before judging the C&L stuff as second-best......... to ANYBODY, 'coz you just might be judging wrong.
  2. Anyone else had the same results with this combo? I'm planning to do it, but with the Accufab 70mm TB/plenum.
  3. I installed this on my 1996 GT last week:

    C&L Mass Air Kit (80mm)
    C&L True-Flow Pipe
    AccuFab TB (75mm)
    C&L Upper Plenum

    Now I know it's not a '01 Steeda, or anything even close :( , but my pony does feel somewhat stronger especially above 3000 rpm. I need to deal with this check engine light before I take it back to the dyno, but I am guessing I will see an increase somewhere around 10 hp.

    I'm sure if my intake and heads flowed better there would be much better gains. After the headswap is when I expect it to make the most difference.
  4. a nice chip and tune would fix up that check engine light and optimize all the intake mods you've got :stick:
  5. yeah i'm sure they would, but i'm saving for a headswap right now ... lol!