Added AMR wheels to my Kona 5.0

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  1. Hi Guys, I was a stangnetter for years and have recently been on another site. But, have recently been lurking. Just thought I'd post pics of my current ride...[​IMG][/IMG]

  2. Charcoal, what sizes are they? What brand tires and sizes did you get? Also, could you get some rear shots to show how wide the wheels look? I am interested in getting charcoal or maybe gloss black for my Sterling Grey 2013.
  3. 19 x 9 fronts and 19 x 10 back. Tires on the back are 285 35 19 and front has 255 40 19. I will try to get some rear shots if it's sunny tomorrow.
  4. Just got these on my red candy they look awesome yzaza7eg.jpg

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  5. Both cars look sweet! Two of my favorite colors!

    Love these wheels; am considering them if I decide to go wider on my 13.

    OP, quit lurking and stick around some more. The newer sections of StangNet can use some of the old blood! Lots of guys here that are new to the Mustang world, and don't quite have the mod experience that many of us have developed. Time to help the next generation!
  6. Absolutely, I'm learning all over again.