Added Some 75mm "shiny"

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  1. I port matched the 75mm from the 65mm intake opening, took me a little while to get the whistling to stop with the throttle body, grinding the iac ports etc, ended up adding a 1/8th hole like the 65mm frpp one and it worked great. Had to drive it a day until i had my buddies volt meter to set the tps, after I set it, she runs with a little more pep now, actually WAY more pep :nice:
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  2. Here's a couple pics of the 75mm gasket on the 65mm throttle body and the intake port before after pics.
  3. you actualy got the whistling to stop?....easy?,im getting ready to do same thing??
  4. Well the iac holes in the throttle body supposedly the culprit, but i massaged them pretty good and it still did it, then i added the hole.
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  5. Good job, shiny is my favorite color
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  6. read that it was the edges ya,havnt heard about the hole?....where did you put the hole if you dont mind me asking?....mine whistles like crazy.
  7. The 65mm frpp had the hole in the left side but i put mine on the middle right to disrupt the air flow around the iac ports.
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  8. Many may not like this approach but i feel i did it safely. I stuff the intake with a towel, placed the 75mm gasket on, drew with a pencil around the edges, took the gasket off and used a dremel to port match the edge and went a little inside the intake. Then used a vaccum with a tube piece, then pulled the towel out, used vaccum a little more, then a light damp towel rub, a little more vaccum and then reinstalled it. I could massage the inner a touch more if i get bored and want a project, it was real easy.
  9. thanks for info...hope i can fix mine!....people think i hav a supercharger!
  10. The frpp one came with the hole so they knew something about